Exploring the World of AI Tools: A Personal Journey

When I first delved into the world of AI tools for image creation, I encountered Midjourney. I decided to use this tool to create an image for a blog post. However, upon reflection, I realized that the image I created was of low quality and contained random elements that did not make sense in the context of my post. One of the frustrations I faced was the fact that Midjourney only generated square images, which was not ideal for my blog posts.

Fortunately, after doing further research, I discovered that by adding image dimensions to the prompt, it was possible to create non-square images with Midjourney. Additionally, I learned that Midjourney had released a new feature called Inpainting in August 2023. This feature allows users to select specific parts of an image and edit them separately. It was a reminder that as a non-techy individual, there may be features of AI tools that I am unaware of initially.

One of the AI tools that I have found incredibly useful is ChatGPT+. Despite the fact that many writers publicly criticize ChatGPT for its limitations, I have personally found it to be a valuable resource. While it may not be suitable for truly creative work, I have used ChatGPT to assist me in learning about various concepts, devices, time periods, and events that I write about. It has helped me find synonyms, streamline research, brainstorm titles, and check formatting.

As a ghostwriter, I often record interviews with authors to gather book content. To transcribe these interviews, I started using Otter.ai. While the transcripts are generally accurate, I have encountered several glitches with the technology. Otter.ai has a habit of signing in and out, only transcribes up to 90 minutes at a time, and sometimes joins meetings unexpectedly. This has led to some awkward situations with clients, as the platform may email meeting transcripts and invite participants to start a free trial without consent.

My experience with various AI tools has been both enlightening and challenging. While I initially had a fear of missing out on the latest technologies, I have come to realize the importance of staying true to my own voice and preferences. While AI tools can be valuable resources, they should not overshadow individual creativity and authenticity. In the end, it is crucial to find a balance between utilizing AI tools for efficiency and maintaining personal expression.

My journey through the world of AI tools has been filled with both excitement and setbacks. While tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Otter.ai offer unique benefits, they also come with their own limitations and challenges. Ultimately, it is essential to approach AI tools with a critical eye and a clear understanding of how they can best serve your needs. As technology continues to advance, it is important to adapt and evolve while remaining true to the essence of creativity and individuality.


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