ZeniMax and Bethesda: Exploring the Future and Upcoming Projects

The leaked 2020-dated release schedule from a Microsoft court document has sparked curiosity about the future of ZeniMax and Bethesda. While it is important to note that the document does not reflect their current plans, as it was created prior to the global lockdowns and Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, it still provides insight into potential upcoming projects. From the leaked information, it appears that fans of the Dishonored franchise may be anticipating Dishonored 3, along with remastered versions of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3.

The Potential Remasters

The leak suggests that a remastered version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion may be released in fiscal year 2022. While some players may be excited about the possibility of revisiting this beloved game with updated graphics and mechanics, others may not share the same enthusiasm. Oblivion, despite its intricate gameplay, may have its limitations and may not appeal to everyone due to its dry narrative.

Similarly, the leaked schedule indicates that a remastered version of Fallout 3 may be released in fiscal year 2024. However, there are mixed feelings towards the Fallout series’ atompunk theme. Some players may welcome the opportunity to experience Fallout 3 with improved visuals, while others may question the lasting appeal of the post-apocalyptic setting.

One project that stands out from the leaked schedule is Dishonored 3, which is reportedly being considered for release in fiscal year 2024. The Dishonored franchise has garnered a dedicated fan base with its unique blend of stealth, action, and immersive world-building.

According to Raphaël Colantonio, the founder of Arkane Studios, there were initial doubts within Bethesda regarding the continuation of the Dishonored franchise after the release of the Death of the Outsider expansion in 2017. However, the success of Deathloop, another game developed by Arkane Studios, seems to have rekindled Bethesda’s interest in the Dishonored universe. Fans of the series can anticipate an expansion of its clockwork mansions and intricately designed levels.

In addition to Dishonored 3 and the remasters, the leaked schedule unveils a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo slated for fiscal year 2024. Tango Gameworks, known for their unique urban fantasy RPGs, has piqued the interest of many players with their intriguing and atmospheric storytelling.

Furthermore, a new DOOM title, Doom Year Zero, is hinted for release in fiscal year 2023. DOOM has consistently delivered high-octane action and intense gameplay, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next installment in this iconic franchise.

The leaked schedule also mentions several mysterious projects, such as Project Platinum and Project Kestrel, scheduled for fiscal year 2023, which adds anticipation and excitement for what ZeniMax and Bethesda have in store for the future.

While the leaked release schedule may not accurately reflect the current plans of ZeniMax and Bethesda, it provides a glimpse into the potential future projects from these acclaimed game developers. From the possibility of remastered classics to the continuation of beloved franchises like Dishonored, there is undoubtedly much to look forward to for fans of ZeniMax and Bethesda games. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see how these projects develop and what surprises await gamers in the years to come.


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