Will Bloodborne Ever Get a PC Remake?

Fans of the critically acclaimed game Bloodborne have been eagerly anticipating a potential PC remake for years. However, recent comments from FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki suggest that a remake may have to wait for the next generation of console hardware. During an interview with Eurogamer, Miyazaki discussed the possibility of a Bloodborne remake in light of the Elden Ring DLC reveal.

Miyazaki acknowledged the studio’s fondness for Bloodborne and its dedicated fanbase but emphasized the importance of new hardware in delivering a remake that adds value to the original game. He highlighted how advancements in hardware can enable developers to achieve things that were not possible on previous generations, thus enhancing the gaming experience for players.

The comparison to the Demon’s Souls remake for PlayStation 5 serves as a point of reference for the potential Bloodborne remake. While Demon’s Souls received a complete overhaul for the PS5, bringing it to a new level of visual fidelity and gameplay, Bloodborne fans have been left waiting for a similar treatment. Despite the technological advancements, both games remain exclusive to consoles.

Miyazaki noted that modern hardware not only improves the overall gaming experience but also allows more players to enjoy the game. He emphasized the importance of accessibility, suggesting that it could be a driving force in bringing old games to new platforms. This statement offers a glimmer of hope for PC players who have been longing for Bloodborne to make its way to their preferred platform.

While the possibility of a Bloodborne remake for PC remains uncertain, Miyazaki’s comments hint at the challenges that lie ahead. The game’s performance issues on current-gen consoles, such as the inability to run at a smooth 60fps on PlayStation 5, may indicate the need for a comprehensive overhaul before a PC release becomes feasible. As a result, fans may have to wait until the next console generation for a potential remake.

Uncertainty and Fan Passion

Miyazaki concluded the discussion by expressing his gratitude for fans’ continued passion and enthusiasm for Bloodborne. While he stopped short of confirming a remake, he acknowledged the special memories associated with the game for both himself and the development team. The uncertainties surrounding a potential Bloodborne remake only add to the anticipation and excitement within the fan community.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the possibility of a Bloodborne remake for PC remains a tantalizing prospect for fans of the game. While the wait may be long and the road ahead uncertain, the dedication and passion of the fanbase continue to fuel hopes for a revitalized version of this beloved title. Only time will tell whether Bloodborne will eventually find its way to PC, but for now, fans can hold onto the memories and experiences that make the game so special.


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