Why Putting Your Wet iPhone in Rice is a Bad Idea: What Apple Support Advises Instead

Many of us have experienced the panic of accidentally getting water on our phones. The go-to solution for years has been to put the wet device in a bag of uncooked rice. However, Apple, a leader in the tech industry, explicitly advises against this common practice. According to Apple’s support documents, using rice to dry a wet iPhone could actually cause more harm than good. The small particles of rice can potentially damage the phone, leading to further issues.

Apple’s support documents are clear in their instructions for handling a wet iPhone. First and foremost, if you receive the liquid detection alert on your device, do not panic. Instead of reaching for a bag of rice, Apple suggests a different approach. Avoid using external heat sources like hair dryers or compressed air to dry the phone. Additionally, do not insert cotton swabs or paper towels into the charging ports. Instead, gently tap the phone against your hand with the connector pointing downwards, similar to removing water from your ear after swimming. After this step, leave the phone in an area with good airflow to dry naturally. Apple recommends waiting at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge the device. If the alert persists, it may take up to 24 hours for the phone to completely dry out. In such cases, it is best to wait patiently for the phone to recover.

For years, rice has been touted as a miracle worker for drying out waterlogged electronics. Many people turned to rice in the hopes of drawing out the liquid faster. However, Apple’s stance on the matter challenges this common belief. The reality is that rice may not be as effective as once thought. Personal experiences, like attending a rain-soaked concert with a wet iPhone, may have led individuals to believe in the power of rice. In truth, it is the act of powering down the device and allowing it to dry naturally that plays a significant role in preventing damage.

When faced with a wet iPhone, it is essential to follow the recommendations provided by Apple’s support team. Avoid the temptation to use rice as a drying agent and instead opt for the safer methods prescribed by the tech giant. By adhering to these guidelines, iPhone users can increase the chances of their devices recovering from water exposure without causing further harm. Remember, when it comes to saving your wet iPhone, trust Apple’s advice over internet myths.


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