WhatsApp Working on Verified Badges for Business Channels

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow businesses to display a verification badge on their channels. This information was discovered by a feature tracker on the latest beta version of the app. The company is expected to transition from the current green badges to blue verified check marks, which are already used on Instagram and Facebook. Although this feature is still in development, it is anticipated that it will be rolled out to beta testers before being made available to all users.

The WhatsApp beta for Android update includes a “verified channel” feature. This feature is specifically designed for WhatsApp Business users and will enable them to display a verified badge on a newly created channel for their business. A screenshot shared by the feature tracker reveals the interface for this feature, which indicates that adding the verified badge will replace the channel’s existing name and profile picture with the verified business details. In order to make changes to the channel’s photo, businesses will need to update their business profile accordingly.

To display a verified check mark on their channels, businesses will reportedly need to have a Meta Verified subscription. Individual users and non-business accounts will not have the option to add a verified tick mark, according to the feature tracker. It is important to note that while the feature tracker has a track record of uncovering new WhatsApp features, it is always wise to approach such claims with caution until the company officially announces its plans regarding verification marks for channels.

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature that allows businesses to display a verification badge on their channels shows the platform’s commitment to providing users with reliable and trustworthy information. By adopting blue verified check marks, WhatsApp aligns itself with its parent company, Meta, and its other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This new feature will likely appeal to businesses, as it provides them with an added level of authenticity and credibility. However, it is important to await the official announcement from WhatsApp regarding this feature and its rollout plans. As with any beta feature, it is subject to change and improvement based on user feedback. WhatsApp continues to prioritize the needs of its users and strives to enhance their experience on the platform.

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