WhatsApp Working on Nearby File-Sharing Feature for Android Users

WhatsApp has been rumored to be developing a nearby file-sharing feature for Android users that utilizes Bluetooth for file transfers. While first mentioned in January 2024, the feature has yet to make an appearance in the app’s beta version. However, recent reports suggest that the instant messaging platform is enhancing the feature and preparing for a beta rollout. Alongside this development, WhatsApp is also said to be working on a Favourites tab for easier access to preferred content.

The upcoming file-sharing feature was discovered by the WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo in the WhatsApp beta for Android build. Although the feature is not currently visible to beta testers, it is expected to offer a seamless experience for users looking to share files with nearby contacts. The People Nearby feature within the Settings menu now provides detailed information on the permissions required for its functionality, including access to photos, media, files, Bluetooth, and location services.

By granting the necessary permissions, users will be able to discover nearby contacts who have enabled file-sharing, allowing for the transfer of files without the need for an internet connection. This feature could potentially serve as a more efficient method for sharing large files compared to traditional internet-based methods, which may consume significant data. Moreover, the end-to-end encryption of shared files ensures user privacy, with phone numbers remaining hidden during the process.

The introduction of the nearby file-sharing feature on WhatsApp presents several benefits for users. In situations where internet connectivity is limited or unstable, this feature offers a convenient way to exchange files with nearby contacts. Additionally, the utilization of Bluetooth and location services helps in establishing a local network for seamless file transfer. With access to files, Bluetooth, and location, users can enjoy a secure and efficient file-sharing experience through WhatsApp.

By continuously improving its features and services, WhatsApp aims to enhance user satisfaction and provide innovative solutions for seamless communication and file-sharing. The upcoming beta rollout of the nearby file-sharing feature is expected to bring added convenience and efficiency to Android users utilizing the popular messaging platform.

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