WhatsApp Web to Introduce Username-Based Search Feature for Enhanced Privacy

In a bid to offer users more privacy options, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature for its web client. This feature is expected to enable users to connect with others on the platform without divulging their phone numbers. Instead, individuals will be able to search for other users through their usernames, offering enhanced privacy and secure communication.

According to WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, the upcoming feature for WhatsApp Web will allow users to find and connect with others on the platform by searching for their usernames. As of now, users need to exchange phone numbers to connect on WhatsApp. However, this new feature will eliminate the need for this, granting individuals the ability to maintain privacy and avoid sharing their personal details with undesired individuals.

One of the primary benefits of the username-based search feature is that it encourages more secure communication. By allowing users to connect without sharing their phone numbers, WhatsApp is giving individuals greater control over who they communicate with. This feature will provide peace of mind to users who may not want to share their personal information with everyone they connect with on the platform.

A screenshot shared in the report gives us a glimpse of the username-based search feature currently being developed by WhatsApp. Once available, users will be able to connect with others by searching for their name, phone number, or username. This new feature will increase convenience and enhance the user experience, bringing WhatsApp closer to its competitors, such as Telegram, which already offers a similar search feature.

This new username-based search feature for WhatsApp Web is part of the service’s ongoing efforts to enhance privacy and security. Moreover, this development comes on the heels of reports that WhatsApp is also working on another feature that will allow users to create usernames directly from the WhatsApp Web application. These advancements indicate WhatsApp’s commitment to providing its users with greater control over their personal information and communication.

With the introduction of the username-based search feature on WhatsApp Web, users will soon have the option to connect with others without sharing their phone numbers. This feature is expected to improve privacy, enhance security, and provide a more seamless user experience. By expanding its privacy options, WhatsApp is taking a step towards empowering its users and giving them greater control over their communication on the platform. With these new developments, WhatsApp is positioning itself as a leading instant messaging platform that prioritizes user privacy and security.


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