WhatsApp Update for iOS Users: A Closer Look

WhatsApp recently rolled out a new update for all iOS users, introducing some minor interface changes and an exciting new feature in the video calling functionality. The update, which was released globally on Monday, includes a refreshed design with green buttons and notification icons. This update brings the build version to 24.9.74 and can be found in the App Store for all iPhone users. Although the update has been shipped in batches, all supported iPhone models will eventually receive it in the coming weeks.

One of the notable changes in this update is the addition of green coloured buttons and icons for all iOS users. This feature was first tested last month and has since been rolled out to Android users as well. The new message button, along with icons for new groups, contacts, and communities, will now be displayed in green. Additionally, the unread message notifications and the number of unread messages next to the chat list will also be highlighted in green. This new colour scheme is more prominent and is visible even when using the app in light mode.

In addition to the interface changes, WhatsApp has also introduced redesigned icons across the app. These updated icons were previously seen in beta updates and are now being made available to all users. With this redesign, WhatsApp aims to provide a consistent look and feel across its Android, iOS, and web interfaces. The company is striving to create a seamless user experience by standardizing the icons used throughout the app.

Audio Support for Screen Sharing

One of the most anticipated features in this update is the addition of audio support for screen sharing during video calls. Previously, participants in a video call could not hear the audio played on the shared screen. With this update, users will now be able to hear both audio channels simultaneously, enhancing the overall video calling experience. This feature was recently introduced to Android users as well, further aligning the features across different platforms.

Overall, the latest WhatsApp update for iOS users brings a fresh design with green accents, consistent icons, and improved functionality in video calls. These changes aim to enhance the user experience and make communication more seamless and engaging for all users. As WhatsApp continues to evolve and introduce new features, users can look forward to more updates that will further enhance their messaging experience.

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