WhatsApp to Provide Support for Sharing Status Updates from Linked Devices

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service owned by Meta, is set to introduce a new feature that allows users to share status updates from linked devices. According to a feature tracker, this update will enable users to post their status updates not only from the web version but also from their companion devices. While this functionality is currently available for beta testers of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for Android, it is expected to roll out to all users in the near future.

Companion mode is an existing feature on WhatsApp that allows users to access their chats on up to four other devices, even when their primary smartphone is offline. With the latest WhatsApp Web beta version, users can now navigate to the Status section on the web client and upload status updates by clicking on the green icon next to their profile photo. They can choose to post photos and videos or share text-based updates. This enhancement provides users with more flexibility in managing their status updates and expands their options beyond their primary smartphone.

In addition to the web version, WhatsApp is also extending the ability to share status updates to companion devices. Users who have updated to WhatsApp beta for Android can now add status updates directly from their companion devices. This feature opens up new possibilities for users to engage with their contacts on various devices. While WhatsApp initially focused on enabling chat functionality on companion devices, it is now gradually expanding the range of features available on these devices.

Although the current information primarily relates to Android devices, it is expected that WhatsApp will also introduce this feature for iOS companion devices. WhatsApp recently began testing a new type of companion device called WhatsApp for iPad, suggesting that the new status update feature may eventually be available on Apple’s tablets as well. These developments underscore WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing the user experience across different devices and operating systems.

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of sharing status updates from linked devices brings added convenience and flexibility to its users. This update expands the scope of status management beyond the primary smartphone and allows users to interact seamlessly with their contacts from various companion devices. With the web version and companion mode, users have more options to express themselves creatively and share their thoughts through photos, videos, or text-based updates. As WhatsApp continues to improve its services, users can look forward to a richer messaging experience across different platforms.


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