WhatsApp to Introduce AI-Powered Image Editing and Meta AI Chat Service

WhatsApp is set to launch a new feature that allows users to edit their images using artificial intelligence. This cutting-edge technology will enable users to modify backgrounds, restyle images, and even ‘expand’ images with the help of AI. The feature is currently in development and is expected to be included in future updates for WhatsApp.

In a preview shared by feature tracker WABetaInfo, an early version of the feature can be seen in the interface for sending images on WhatsApp for Android. A green icon located at the top of the screen offers options like Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand. While the specifics of these options are still ambiguous, it is clear that WhatsApp is aiming to provide users with advanced editing capabilities through AI technology.

Meta AI Integration for Chat Service

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on integrating Meta AI into its chat service. Users will soon be able to ask questions directly to Meta AI from the search bar within the app. This feature, discovered by WABetaInfo in the latest beta version for Android, will allow users to interact with the company’s generative AI assistant, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

It is important to note that these features are still under development and are not available for testing in the beta versions of the app. WhatsApp is likely to further refine and improve these features before rolling them out to testers on the beta channel. Eventually, both features are expected to be made available to all users on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring feature parity across all mobile devices.

As WhatsApp continues to innovate and introduce new features powered by artificial intelligence, users can look forward to enhanced image editing capabilities and seamless integration with Meta AI for improved chat services. The advancements in AI technology are shaping the future of messaging apps, providing users with more personalized and efficient experiences. Stay tuned for updates on the release of these exciting features on WhatsApp.

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