Unveiling the Secrets of Deliver Us Mars: A Riveting Puzzle Adventure

Deliver Us Mars is a remarkable third-person puzzle adventure game that seamlessly blends interstellar challenges with a captivating family saga. As an avid gamer, I couldn’t help but be enchanted by this gem when it was first released in February. What’s even better news is that this week, the Epic Games Store is offering Deliver Us Mars as a complimentary addition to your gaming library. Simply visit the Deliver Us Mars store page and add it to your Epic account at absolutely no cost until November 30th. Once you claim it, the game will be yours to keep forever, allowing you to embark on this thrilling Martian escapade whenever you desire.

Black Friday Bonanza:

In addition to the free distribution of Deliver Us Mars, Epic is currently hosting a Black Friday sale that will undoubtedly excite all gaming enthusiasts. The sale marks the return of the Epic Coupon system, which gives you an additional 33% off on eligible purchases. To avail of this generous discount, all you need to do is grab an Epic Coupon and it will be applied to any qualifying transaction. An eligible purchase is defined as a product priced at $14.99 or more (or its equivalent in your local currency) or a combined purchase that exceeds this price threshold. This special offer makes it an opportune moment to explore the vast collection of games available on the Epic Games Store while enjoying significant savings.

Deliver Us Mars is the eagerly awaited sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, another gripping game that is definitely worth a try. However, it’s important to note that playing the first installment is not a prerequisite for enjoying the sequel. Both games bring their own unique flair to the table, ensuring that they can be enjoyed independently.

A New Approach to Climbing:

Katharine’s article, highlighting the climbing mechanics in Deliver Us Mars, sheds light on an innovative aspect of the game design. Instead of relying on conventional button inputs to scale walls, Kathy, the game’s protagonist, must manually position each of her arms, securing her pickaxes in place with an immensely satisfying thunk and the gentle squeeze of a trigger. This meticulous approach to climbing adds an extra layer of realism and challenge, as releasing the triggers prematurely will inevitably result in Kathy’s demise. The developers have mitigated the potential frustration by implementing a generous checkpoint system, providing a safety net for players and limiting the loss of progress in the event of a slip-up. This unique approach to climbing mechanics distinguishes Deliver Us Mars from other games in the genre, presenting an engaging and immersive experience for players.

Epic Games Store frequently offers complimentary games, albeit usually of a more obscure or older nature. However, Deliver Us Mars stands out as a remarkable exception, proving to be a freebie that is truly worthwhile. Its captivating storyline, challenging puzzles, and innovative gameplay mechanics make it a highly gratifying gaming experience. It is refreshing to find a high-quality game being liberally distributed, allowing gamers to indulge in an exciting virtual adventure without any additional cost.

Deliver Us Mars is a captivating and immersive third-person puzzle adventure game that impresses with its compelling storyline and innovative gameplay mechanics. The opportunity to acquire this gem for free only adds to the appeal of the game, making it an irresistible choice for gaming enthusiasts. Furthermore, Epic’s Black Friday sale presents an incredible chance to access other exciting titles at discounted prices. So why wait? Delve into the mysteries of Mars and unleash your inner adventurer with Deliver Us Mars.


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