Unveiling the New Deal: M1 MacBook Air Now Available at Walmart for $699

The recent news about Walmart offering the M1 MacBook Air for a discounted price of $699 has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts. This unexpected deal has caused a stir in the market, especially since the laptop was recently discontinued by Apple to make way for the new M3 version.

Upon closer inspection, it was noted that Best Buy initially had the laptop listed for $999.99, but quickly dropped its price to match Walmart’s offer of $699.99. This competitive pricing strategy has led to a significant price drop for consumers, making it an attractive deal for those looking to purchase a new laptop.

Despite the enticing price point, it is important to note that the discounted M1 MacBook Air comes with the base model specifications, including 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. While some may find these specs limiting in comparison to newer models on the market, the reduced price helps to offset any concerns about the hardware limitations.

Long-Term Availability

One of the looming questions surrounding this deal is the long-term availability of the M1 MacBook Air at Walmart and other retailers. It remains unclear whether Apple will continue to supply new M1 Airs to Walmart or if this is a temporary arrangement to clear out existing stock.


For fans of the iconic wedge-shaped M1 MacBook Air, this deal comes as a welcome surprise. The possibility of owning this beloved laptop at a discounted price brings joy to many consumers who may have missed out on the opportunity before. Whether this deal will be a permanent fixture or a limited time offer remains to be seen, but it is certainly a win for those looking to purchase a high-quality laptop at a more affordable price.

The unveiling of the discounted M1 MacBook Air at Walmart has generated buzz in the tech community. With competitive pricing, familiar specs, and the continuation of the beloved wedge design, this deal presents a unique opportunity for consumers. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or simply in need of a reliable laptop, this offer is worth considering before it’s too late.


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