UnitedHealth Group Restores Change Healthcare Systems after Ransomware Attack

UnitedHealth Group has provided an update regarding the cyberattack on Change Healthcare’s systems, stating that they expect to have everything restored by mid-March. The ransomware attack, which occurred on February 21st, caused disruptions in crucial operations within the U.S. healthcare system. The company took immediate action by isolating and disconnecting the impacted systems, but this resulted in interruptions to pharmacy services, payment platforms, and medical claims processes.

In a recent release, UnitedHealth Group announced that electronic prescribing is now fully functional, with payment transmission and claim submissions also available. The restoration process is ongoing, with electronic payment functionality expected to be back by March 15. Connectivity tests with their claims network and software are scheduled for March 18. The company assured that there is no evidence of compromise to any other UnitedHealth systems during the cyberattack.

Assistance for Healthcare Providers

To support healthcare providers facing cash flow issues due to the attack, UnitedHealth Group introduced a temporary funding assistance program. This program aims to provide relief for providers who have exhausted all available options and are working with payers that have not advanced funds during this period. The company will provide advances that do not need to be repaid until the claims process returns to normal.

Ransomware Group Identified

Blackcat, the ransomware group behind the cybersecurity attack on Change Healthcare, was identified by the company in late February. Known for stealing sensitive data and threatening to publish it unless a ransom is paid, Blackcat poses a serious threat to institutions. Ransomware attacks are especially dangerous in the healthcare sector, as disruptions to critical systems can have immediate consequences for patient safety.

UnitedHealth Group did not disclose the specific data compromised during the attack or whether any ransom was paid to restore systems. However, the company remains committed to addressing the impact of the ransomware attack on the U.S. healthcare system. CEO Andrew Witty emphasized their dedication to providing relief for those affected by the malicious attack.

UnitedHealth Group’s efforts to restore Change Healthcare’s systems after the ransomware attack demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the healthcare industry. With ongoing recovery initiatives and support for healthcare providers, the company is taking proactive steps to mitigate the impact of cyber threats on essential services. Collaboration, transparency, and resilience are key components in overcoming cybersecurity challenges and ensuring the continuity of critical healthcare operations.


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