Threads Testing Highly-Requested Today’s Topics Feature

Social media platform Threads is finally listening to its users and testing a feature that has been highly requested since its launch last year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the platform is now experimenting with a new Today’s Topics section. This feature, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), will display the topics with the highest engagement in real-time.

Today’s Topics: The New Trending Page

Similar to its predecessor, the Trending page on X (formerly known as Twitter), Today’s Topics will showcase the most talked-about subjects on Threads. Zuckerberg emphasized in a post that once this feature is fine-tuned, it will be available in more countries and languages.

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri shared additional insights on how Today’s Topics will function. According to Mosseri, these topics will appear on the search page as well as in the For You feed. The AI systems will determine the topics based on users’ current engagement on Threads.

Eliminating Hashtags and Avoiding Confusion

A notable difference on Threads is that trending topics do not require a hashtag or tag to be included. Instead, they are displayed as plain text, with a heading and a top post discussing the topic. Mosseri explained that the AI chooses both the heading and the subjects, eliminating the need for users to decipher confusing hashtags that may not accurately represent the topic.

Within the For You page, Today’s Topics will appear as a separate section displayed in a carousel format, similar to the Threads posts section on the Instagram app. The heading and top post will be presented in small rectangular boxes, as demonstrated in the screenshots shared by Mosseri.

Other Recent Testing Features

Threads has been busy exploring additional features to enhance users’ experience. One such feature allows users to bookmark posts, mirroring the functionality found in Instagram and X.

Threads is finally granting the wishes of its users with the introduction of the highly-requested Today’s Topics feature. This AI-driven addition eliminates the need for hashtags and provides a clearer representation of the current trending discussions. As the testing phase progresses, Threads intends to expand its availability across different countries and languages. By constantly evolving and introducing new features, Threads aims to remain a relevant and engaging social media platform for its users.

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