The X Platform Experiences Technical Difficulties

The microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, X, recently experienced a significant outage that left thousands of users unable to access the service. Around 11am, reports started flooding in on a downtime-tracking website, indicating that X was not accessible. In addition, users also reported being unable to see any posts on the platform. This widespread issue affected both the web interface and mobile apps of X.

Downtime tracking service Downdetector received an astonishing 67,000 reports from users who were unable to access X on Thursday. Likewise, the Indian version of the website received over 4,800 reports with the same complaint. These numbers highlight the magnitude of the outage and the frustration felt by X users.

Fortunately, after nearly an hour of inaccessibility, X seemed to have resolved the technical issues. By approximately 12:10pm, posts were again displaying on all feeds, indicating that the service was back to normal. However, users were left pondering the cause of the sudden outage and the extent of the impact it had on the platform.

While many parts of X were experiencing issues, certain sections of the platform remained functional. The Trending topics section, for instance, continued to display hashtags that were currently trending in the user’s region. However, upon attempting to click on these topics, users were met with an empty feed. This mirrored the experience on the main timeline, where no posts were loading. Even the Lists section displayed the names of various lists, but users were unable to view any posts.

Despite the widespread inaccessibility, there were aspects of X that remained unaffected. Spaces, for example, continued to function as intended, with users able to join discussions and manage speakers. Direct messages were also visible and appeared to be working normally. Notifications regarding users’ posts were being delivered, but when users clicked on these notifications, they were unable to view the corresponding tweet.

The recent outage on the X platform caused significant disruption for users, with thousands unable to access the service or view any posts. While X managed to restore functionality after approximately an hour, users were left with lingering questions about the cause of the outage and the impact it had on the platform as a whole. Despite the inconvenience, there were some glimmers of normalcy on the platform, such as Spaces and direct messages remaining unaffected. As X continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial for the company to address and prevent such technical difficulties in order to provide a seamless user experience for its millions of users worldwide.

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