The White House Joins Meta’s Threads: Biden and Harris Gain Massive Following

The White House made a significant move on Monday by launching accounts on Meta’s Threads service for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. With an app that competes with Elon Musk’s X, Threads allows users to connect and share information. This article will delve into the White House’s entry into Threads, the immediate response from the public, and the context surrounding this development.

In a bid to engage with the public and reach a wider audience, the White House established accounts for President Biden, Vice President Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and even for the White House itself. The move proved to be immediately successful, as President Biden’s account accumulated an impressive 2 million followers within just one hour of its debut. This demonstrates the power and influence of social media platforms in modern-day communication and political outreach.

The decision to adopt Meta’s Threads comes after Elon Musk courted controversy on his own platform, X. Last week, Musk made comments endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory, attracting backlash from White House officials and the public alike. He faced subsequent criticism for promoting divisive narratives concerning “Jewish communities” and “anti-white” messaging. As a consequence, major advertisers, including Apple and Disney, temporarily suspended their spending on X.

Meta’s Threads was launched in July as a direct competitor to X, following controversial changes made by Musk to the app. The launch of Threads was met with enthusiasm, with over 30 million users signing up within hours of its introduction. By mid-July, the app boasted over 100 million signups. Despite Adam Mosseri, the head of Meta’s Instagram service, stating that Threads would not prioritize news or political discourse, former Twitter users have gravitated towards the app to stay informed and share news updates.

Public Engagement and Relevance

By joining Threads, the White House demonstrates a clear commitment to meeting people where they are in terms of communication. In a statement to CNBC, White House officials explained that the launch of these new accounts had been in the works for several weeks, emphasizing their dedication to engaging with a wide range of individuals. This move to establish a strong presence on Meta’s Threads highlights the White House’s recognition of the platform’s relevance and potential impact on public engagement.

The White House’s decision to embrace Meta’s Threads platform is a strategic move that allows President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other administration members to connect with a vast audience. This transition comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s controversial statements on X and subsequent repercussions faced by the platform. By adopting Threads, the White House aims to engage with users in a more direct and accessible manner while simultaneously demonstrating their commitment to utilizing emerging social media platforms effectively. As political communication continues to evolve, the White House’s presence on Threads showcases their willingness to adapt and engage with the public in new ways.


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