The Weird and Wonderful World of Arctic Eggs: A Sci-Fi Cooking Sim

When it comes to fried eggs, I’ll admit that they are not my favourite dish. However, all of my preconceived notions were challenged when I stumbled upon the intriguing sci-fi cooking simulator, Arctic Eggs. The limited information provided about the game, along with its moody trailer, showcases a unique and dystopian setting in Antarctica where eggs are forbidden.

As a player, you take on the role of a Poultry Peddler, stuck in a frozen wasteland and tasked with cooking breakfast for your companions as your only means of escape. The gameplay involves a physics-based simulation of a frying pan, where you must cook a variety of meals, including eggs, sausages, fish, bacon, and even unlit cigarettes. The challenge lies in rotating the pan to ensure that the ingredients are cooked evenly and prevent burning.

The visual aesthetics of Arctic Eggs are a unique blend of low-polygon models depicting gun-toting soldiers, staircases, industrial towers, and, of course, chickens. The stark environment with short-draw-distance fog adds to the overall sense of bleakness and mystery. The art style may remind players of classic games like Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid, creating a nostalgic and atmospheric experience.

Arctic Eggs is currently listed as “coming soon” on Steam and is the second release from indie developer The Water Museum. Their previous title, IBIS AM, featured a hungry bird catching fish in a first-person perspective. With a price tag of less than £2, Arctic Eggs promises to be a quirky and affordable gaming experience that appeals to those who enjoy the strange and wonderful.

Arctic Eggs presents a unique and intriguing concept that combines cooking simulation with a dystopian sci-fi setting. The game’s distinctive art style and gameplay mechanics set it apart from traditional cooking sims, offering players a fresh and entertaining experience. With its low cost and indie developer background, Arctic Eggs has the potential to attract a niche audience looking for something out of the ordinary in the world of gaming.


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