The Unsettling Submarine Adventure in Death in Abyss

Death in Abyss, developed by Agelvik, is a third-person “submarine action game” that sets itself apart by drawing inspiration from unlikely sources such as the N64 and Star Fox 64. Unlike typical survival horror games, Death in Abyss takes players on a journey through a noxious ocean filled with eerie creatures like angry bioluminescent brains and possibly ravenous tadpoles. The game’s whimsical element is evident in the way the player’s submarine moves – with a cute little backstroke that adds a touch of charm to the otherwise dark and ominous environment.

An Ominous Atmosphere Inspired by Devil Daggers

Agelvik’s previous works, including Gun Devil, God Damn The Garden, Apple Slash, and Lulu’s Temple, have established a unique tone that balances upbeat and macabre elements. Death in Abyss follows suit by incorporating inspiration from the intense and slaughterous Devil Daggers, creating an atmosphere that is both unsettling and captivating. The game’s eerie setting is further influenced by the anime Made In Abyss, adding layers of complexity to the overall experience.

A Promising Demo and Alternative Experiences

For players intrigued by the concept of Death in Abyss, a demo is set to be released in July, providing a taste of the haunting world that Agelvik has crafted. Additionally, Underspace, another recently launched game, offers a similar theme of oceanic monstrosities in a Freelancer-like setting. While Underspace differs in gameplay style from Death in Abyss, both games share a common thread of exploring the unknown depths of the sea and encountering terrifying creatures along the way.

Death in Abyss stands out as a unique and unsettling submarine adventure that combines elements of horror, whimsy, and intense gameplay. With its innovative approach to storytelling and gameplay mechanics, Agelvik has created a game that challenges players to confront their fears while navigating a mysterious and dangerous underwater world. Whether you’re a fan of survival horror or looking for a fresh gaming experience, Death in Abyss promises to deliver a gripping and unforgettable journey into the depths of the unknown.


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