The Unofficial Revival of LawBreakers: A Look Back at the Gravity-Defying FPS

The gaming industry is no stranger to the rise and fall of different titles, with LawBreakers being one such example. Developed by Boss Key Productions, the studio co-founded by renowned game designer Cliff Bleszinski, LawBreakers promised a gravity-defying multiplayer FPS experience. Despite receiving praise for its ultraviolence gameplay, the game failed to make an impact in the market and subsequently led to the closure of Boss Key Productions less than a year after its launch in 2017. The uninspiring generic look of the game coupled with poor sales performance contributed to its downfall.

Five years after LawBreakers shut down, a group of dedicated fans took it upon themselves to bring the game back to life. This weekend marked the first public test of a workaround created by the unofficial RELB Project that enables players to experience LawBreakers once again. Through the use of “fake” servers that the original game client utilizes, fans were able to revive the once-defunct game. Despite facing challenges such as disabled classes, limited modes, and technical hiccups, players were able to delve back into the world of LawBreakers.

Following the successful public test, the team behind the unofficial revival project is currently reflecting on the feedback received before deciding on the next steps. While acknowledging the existing issues with hit registration and other technical aspects, the team reassured players that they are actively working on improvements. Despite being a small team, their dedication to bringing LawBreakers back shows a deep passion for the game and its community.

Throughout its tumultuous journey, LawBreakers has garnered a mix of opinions from players and critics alike. Khee Hoon Chan, in 2018, expressed a sentiment of reluctance to let go of LawBreakers despite its struggles. The game’s reputation as a punishing, skill-based shooter and its unique gameplay mechanics set it apart from other titles in the genre. The captivating moments of intense competition, acrobatics, and reflexes showcased by players made LawBreakers a memorable experience for many.

The closure of LawBreakers and other titles like The Crew by Ubisoft has reignited discussions about the challenges faced by developers and the impact on the gaming community. Ross Scott’s ‘Stop Killing Games’ campaign highlights the need for governments to reconsider and reinforce consumer rights in the gaming industry. As players continue to advocate for the preservation of beloved games and the rights of consumers, the conversation surrounding game closures remains a significant topic within the gaming community.

The unofficial revival of LawBreakers by dedicated fans showcases the enduring passion and resilience of the gaming community. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, the innovative workaround created by the RELB Project has allowed players to revisit the gravity-defying world of LawBreakers once again. As the conversation about game closures and consumer rights continues to evolve, the legacy of LawBreakers serves as a reminder of the unique experiences and connections that games can bring to players around the world.


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