The Unlikelihood of Baldur’s Gate 3 Joining PC Game Pass

Fans of the highly anticipated game, Baldur’s Gate 3, may be disappointed to learn that it is highly unlikely to be available on PC Game Pass. In a recent interview with IGN, Swen Vincke, the head of Larian Studios, expressed the studio’s resistance to the idea of including the game on Microsoft’s subscription service. This news comes as a blow to those who were hoping to experience the game without an additional cost.

Vincke justified this decision by highlighting the enormity of Baldur’s Gate 3, emphasizing the extensive gameplay hours it offers, even without exploring side quests or pursuing romantic encounters with the characters. According to Vincke, the studio believes that players should pay for a game of this magnitude to cover its development costs. Additionally, he pointed out that Baldur’s Gate 3 does not have any planned DLC or expansions, further justifying the initial investment.

“We made a big game, so I think there’s a fair price to be paid for that, and I think that is okay,” Vincke asserted. He also highlighted the absence of micro-transactions in the game, reassuring players that they will receive what they paid for. This business model allows Larian Studios to continue developing other games while still offering players a substantial gaming experience.

Earlier this year, leaked documents from the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger revealed that Microsoft estimated it would cost $5 million to secure Baldur’s Gate 3 for PC Game Pass. Considering the game’s immense popularity and awards received, this price seems like a bargain. To put it into perspective, other games like the Batman spin-off Gotham Knights, the reboot of Mortal Kombat, and the Star Wars action-adventure Jedi: Survivor were suggested to cost significantly more ($50 million, $250 million, and $300 million respectively).

It is worth noting that Microsoft appeared somewhat dismissive when evaluating BG3 as a “second-run Stadia PC RPG.” Even Larian Studios admitted uncertainty regarding the game’s potential success, given the niche nature of the CRPG genre. However, Baldur’s Gate 3 has surpassed all expectations, as Vincke admitted last month that its success “frightens us – but in a good way, I think.” With such positive reception, it’s safe to say that the game is well worth the price of entry.

While fans may have hoped to see Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC Game Pass, Larian Studios’ decision to keep the game off the platform seems reasonable. The studio justifies the need to charge players for a game of such scope and ensures that players receive a complete and immersive experience without any additional costs. With its immense popularity and critical acclaim, Baldur’s Gate 3 has established itself as a game worthy of investment. Although it may be disappointing for some, it is understandable that Larian Studios has chosen to prioritize the financial success and continuation of their work.


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