The Unlikelihood of a Final Fantasy 8 Remake: A Lot of Damn Work

The director of Final Fantasy 8, Yoshinori Kitase, recently shattered the hopes of many fans by stating that a remake of the beloved game is highly unlikely. As the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy approaches its conclusion, Kitase emphasized the sheer amount of work required for such a project. In an interview with IGN, he expressed his desire to “really rework” the game’s divisive Junction system, which includes summons, character stats, and abilities like magic. Kitase acknowledged that the system was challenging for some players to grasp, and any potential remake would need to address this difficulty while maintaining approachability.

While Kitase recognizes the need to rework the Junction system, he remains upfront about the obstacles in the way of a Final Fantasy 8 remake. Given the massive undertaking of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which took decades to develop and was divided into three colossal games, it’s understandable that the cost and effort associated with remaking a lengthy RPG with modern-day visuals and gameplay are significant factors. Kitase highlights the tremendous investment in time and resources required for such a project, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before taking on such a massive endeavor.

Even considering the idea of remaking an older 2D Final Fantasy game seems far-fetched at this point. Kitase previously suggested that remaking Final Fantasy 6 alone would take two decades. It’s clear that Square Enix’s staff is internally curious about the possibility, but even they understand the monumental effort it would entail. With the final part of the FF7 Remake trilogy still pending release, the timeline for any future remakes remains uncertain.

While some fans may feel disappointed that Final Fantasy 8 is unlikely to receive the remake treatment, there is merit in preserving the integrity of the original game. The older Final Fantasy titles, including Final Fantasy 7, still hold up remarkably well. In contrast, the mixed results of previous chibi sprite remakes and unappealing fonts in the SNES games indicate that not every remake is successful. It is prudent to exercise caution when tampering with beloved classics that have stood the test of time.

Despite the unlikelihood of a Final Fantasy 8 remake, there is no shortage of content to keep both fans and Square Enix busy. The impending release of the FF7 Remake trilogy’s third part promises to captivate audiences, especially with its expansive lineup of minigames. While it may be disheartening for some fans, it is crucial to appreciate the value of preserving the legacy of older games while eagerly anticipating the new experiences that lie ahead.

The director’s candid remarks serve as a reality check for Final Fantasy fans hoping for a remake of Final Fantasy 8. The considerable amount of work involved in reworking the game’s systems, coupled with the immense cost and effort required for a modern-day remake, make it highly unlikely. However, this should not diminish the excitement surrounding other upcoming releases and the enduring quality of the classic Final Fantasy games.


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