The Unfortunate Reality of Cursed To Golf: A Missed Opportunity

Golf enthusiasts and gamers alike have been buzzing about the recent surge of novelty golf games. Titles such as What The Golf?, Desert Golfing, and Turbo Golf Racing have been captivating players with their unique takes on the sport. Among these new releases is Cursed To Golf, a game that stands out by combining the elements of golf and roguelike gameplay. Released in 2022, Cursed To Golf has garnered attention for its intriguing concept. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the game falls short of its potential.

For a limited time, Cursed To Golf is available for free on the Epic Games Store. As part of their holiday season giveaways, Epic Games is offering a new mystery freebie each day. Until 4pm GMT tomorrow, December 28th, players can head over to the store page and add Cursed To Golf to their account at no cost.

Cursed To Golf takes players on a journey through golf purgatory, where they must navigate 2D sidescrolling levels filled with obstacles such as fans, spikes, teleporters, and supernatural elements. With over 70 randomized holes, each playthrough offers a unique challenge. However, the game fails to make the experience enjoyable or rewarding.

One of the main criticisms of Cursed To Golf is its failure to make failure fun or rewarding for the player. In many roguelike games, repeated failures are part of the learning process and can even be enjoyable. However, in Cursed To Golf, the experience becomes frustrating rather than engaging. When players are sent back to the start after a failed run, nothing changes, and the courses lack the variety and excitement to entice players to retry them. The lackluster course design and a hesitancy to experiment turns the act of golfing through the levels into a monotonous grind.

One aspect where Cursed To Golf does succeed is in its visual charm and nostalgic appeal. It harkens back to the era of Flash games and offers a fun throwback experience. For those who appreciate the aesthetic and long for a taste of nostalgia, Cursed To Golf may provide some enjoyment. However, it is important to note that this is a subjective opinion, and individual experiences may vary.

While Cursed To Golf may initially spark curiosity with its unique blend of golf and roguelike gameplay, it ultimately fails to deliver on its potential. The lack of enjoyment in failure, coupled with repetitive course design, prevents the game from reaching its full potential. Despite its visual charm and nostalgic appeal, Cursed To Golf falls short of being a memorable addition to the novelty golf genre.


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