The Unbelievable Feat of Final Fantasy XIV’s Achievement Hunter

Final Fantasy XIV is acclaimed for its challenging achievements, and one dedicated player has proven just how difficult they can be. It took an astonishing ten years for the first player to earn every single achievement in the MMO. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida expressed his admiration for this incredible feat during a press conference at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in London. He commended the anonymous Japanese player for their perseverance and dedication, acknowledging that as a creator of an MMO, witnessing such tenacity is truly remarkable.

This achievement-hunter, playing as a lalafell character, conquered all 2,751 achievements in August, marking the end of a decade-long journey. This endeavor involved triumphing in thousands of PVP battles, mastering the art of fishing, completing 10,000 hunts, conquering every treasure dungeon at least 20 times, and finishing every levequest. The latter alone is estimated to take approximately seven years of real-time gameplay due to the daily limit on how many repeatable side quests can be completed. It is evident that the achievements in Final Fantasy XIV were far from a walk in the park.

Yoshida, known as Yoshi-P among Final Fantasy XIV players, promised to keep pushing the boundaries of achievement difficulty if the player who conquered all existing challenges desired an even tougher trial. He announced that the game’s developers would gladly create achievements with higher levels of difficulty if requested. Yoshi-P made it clear that this decision rested solely on the achievement-hunter’s willingness to undertake new, more demanding tasks. To communicate their interest, players were encouraged to drop a message on the game’s forums. The developers pledged to fulfill their promise to these exceptional players.

Regardless of whether the existing champion requests harder achievements, the future holds exciting prospects for Final Fantasy XIV players. In the lead-up to the forthcoming Dawntrail expansion, numerous new dungeons and quests will be introduced, providing fresh challenges for adventurers to tackle. Yoshi-P and his team are diligently working on not only one but two major expansions beyond Dawntrail, ensuring that achievement hunters will have an abundance of opportunities to test their skills and dedication in the years to come.

The ten-year journey of the anonymous Final Fantasy XIV achievement hunter serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance required to conquer the game’s most arduous challenges. As players eagerly anticipate the forthcoming expansions and the introduction of new achievements, it is evident that the unwavering spirit of accomplishment continues to thrive within the Final Fantasy XIV community.


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