The Ultimate Camper Conversion: eVentje for VW’s ID Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz has caught the attention of many with its electric microbus charm. However, the long-awaited California edition of the ID Buzz is still not in sight. This delay has paved the way for aftermarket companies like Ventje to step in and offer their own custom camper build-outs for the ID Buzz. One such conversion is the eVentje, a creation that is now up for sale in Europe.

Ventje’s eVentje conversion offers a charming and clever interior design that is truly impressive. The camper is filled with smart features and innovative touches that enhance the overall camping experience. From a kitchen accessible both indoors and outdoors to a pop-top tent and a multipurpose interior that transforms seamlessly, the eVentje has it all. The incorporation of over 100 magnets in the design ensures that all wooden surfaces are aligned and secure.

The eVentje camper comes equipped with several functional upgrades that make camping more convenient. The addition of a folding table and hidden stools creates an outdoor bar area, perfect for entertaining. The kitchen has been improved to provide more prep surfaces and storage options. With two induction cooktops, a 2200W inverter, solar panels, and a leisure battery, the eVentje ensures that campers have all the power they need to stay connected.

Despite all the customizations, the driving experience of the ID Buzz remains exceptional. Ventje’s modifications do not compromise the smooth and rattle-free ride of the vehicle. However, the poorly designed software by VW continues to be a point of frustration for many users. It is hoped that VW will introduce a camping mode for the ID Buzz in the future to enhance the overall camping experience.

The eVentje camper can accommodate up to four people but is currently highway legal for only two. Priced at around €95,000 (approximately $103,000), the eVentje is not a budget-friendly option. However, for those who value the retrofuturistic appeal of the ID Buzz and the customizable interior of the eVentje, it is a worthwhile investment. Orders can be placed now, with shipments expected to reach customers in nine months in select European countries.

Ventje’s eVentje conversion for the Volkswagen ID Buzz is a game-changer in the world of camper conversions. With its innovative design, functional upgrades, and attention to detail, the eVentje offers a camping experience like no other. While the price may be steep, the quality and customizability of the eVentje make it a compelling choice for camping enthusiasts. As Ventje expands its reach to the UK and US, more people will have the opportunity to experience the joy of camping in a truly unique and well-crafted vehicle.


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