The Troubles with Ark: Survival Ascended’s Cross-Platform PVP

Ark: Survival Ascended, the highly anticipated remake of Ark: Survival Evolved, has been met with several challenges since its release. The developers, Studio Wildcard, made the decision to temporarily disable cross-platform PVP multiplayer in response to widespread cheating issues on PC. This move has frustrated players, especially those who were expecting a seamless transition from the original game to its supposed free upgrade.

Survival Ascended’s launch has been plagued by server problems, particularly in relation to cheating among PC users. Players on consoles have voiced their concerns about speedhacks and players exploiting the game by hitting others through walls. These issues have led to the temporary disabling of cross-platform play across several PVP server types, such as standard PVP, Small Tribes, ARKpocalypse, and Modded variants.

Studio Wildcard addressed the situation with an apology to Windows players and stated that disabling cross-platform play was necessary for the overall health of the game. However, this decision has received mixed reactions from the community. The studio plans to work closely with Microsoft and anti-cheat provider BattlEye to implement robust anticheat measures in the PC version, aiming to restore crossplay PVP as soon as possible.

The rollout and launch of Survival Ascended have faced numerous challenges, resulting in a mixed reception from players on Steam. The frustration caused by the initial shutdown of Survival Evolved’s official servers and the subsequent cheating issues has further damaged the game’s reputation. With the latest server problems adding to the ongoing discontent, it remains uncertain whether Survival Ascended will be able to recover and regain the trust of its player base.

In an effort to address the cheating problems, Studio Wildcard plans to collaborate with Microsoft and BattlEye to implement more effective anticheat measures. The developers anticipate completing this work by early next week, with the hope of restoring crossplay PVP functionality soon after. It is important to note that the disabling of cross-platform play only affects official public servers, allowing single-player and private servers to remain unaffected by this action.

The challenges faced by Survival Ascended have undoubtedly shaken the faith of players who were eagerly awaiting its release. From the controversial decision to disable cross-platform PVP to the server issues and rampant cheating, the game has an uphill battle ahead. It will be crucial for Studio Wildcard to address these concerns promptly and effectively in order to salvage the game’s reputation and regain the trust of its player community.

Overall, the troubles surrounding Ark: Survival Ascended’s cross-platform PVP have underscored the importance of robust anticheat measures and careful planning in game development. Only time will tell if the developers can successfully navigate these challenges and steer the game towards a more stable and enjoyable experience for players.


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