The Surprising Acquisition of Jagex by Private Equity Firm CVC Capital Partners

Jagex, the British developers behind the long-standing fantasy MMO RuneScape, have recently made waves in the gaming industry with an unexpected announcement. The company has been acquired by private equity firm CVC Capital Partners, known for their ownership of major sports brands such as Six Nations Rugby and LaLiga. This surprising deal, estimated to be worth nearly a billion pounds, marks a significant change in direction for Jagex.

This acquisition by CVC Capital Partners is not Jagex’s first experience with new ownership. Previously, the studio was owned by The Carlyle Group, a global management company, before being acquired by Macarthur Fortune Holding in 2020. Prior to these recent acquisitions, Jagex had been under the ownership of Chinese and US investors for eight years. Despite these changes, Jagex has remained a prominent player in the gaming industry, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

RuneScape, the flagship MMO developed by Jagex, has been a significant contributor to the company’s success. Since its launch in early 2001, RuneScape has seen numerous iterations, including the development of Old School RuneScape. The game has also expanded into other realms, such as board games and tabletop RPGs. With over $1.5 billion in revenue to date and a record number of subscribers last year, RuneScape has undoubtedly been a financial triumph for Jagex.

While RuneScape remains Jagex’s crowning achievement, the company has ventured into the development and publication of other games throughout its history. These include a RuneScape card game spin-off, as well as RTS games and looter-shooters. However, none of these ventures have achieved the same level of success as RuneScape. In recent years, Jagex has also acquired several companies, such as Pipeworks Studios and Gamepires, which have added to their diverse portfolio.

An Optimistic Outlook

Jagex’s CEO, Phil Mansell, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, portraying it as a positive step for the company and its community. Mansell believes that the partnership with CVC Capital Partners will allow Jagex to build on its existing lineup of “forever games” and continue to support and grow its passionate fan base. With a focus on innovation and creating new experiences, Jagex aims to capture the imaginations of players around the world.

An Industry in Flux

Despite the optimistic statements surrounding the acquisition, there is a degree of skepticism within the gaming industry. With the ever-growing influence of multibillion-dollar conglomerates and a trend of acquisitions and mergers, some concerns have been raised about the potential impact on Jagex’s employees and the overall state of the industry. With approximately 700 employees worldwide, the studio’s fate is closely linked to the shifting landscape of gaming.

The acquisition of Jagex by private equity firm CVC Capital Partners has brought a mix of excitement and apprehension to the gaming community. As Jagex continues to evolve and expand under new ownership, the future of RuneScape and the company’s other ventures remains uncertain. However, with the determination to create unforgettable experiences and the support of a major player in the sports industry, Jagex stands poised to navigate the ever-changing tides of the gaming world.


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