The Strong Museum’s Video Game Hall of Fame

When it comes to Hall of Fame inductions, it’s easy to be skeptical about the true significance of these accolades. However, the Hall of Fame curated by New York-based museum The Strong stands out for its unique selection process. The museum, known as a “museum of play,” selects games, toys, and other playthings that are truly influential and deserving of recognition. What sets The Strong apart is their willingness to induct not only commercial products like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, but also items like “sand,” sidewalk chalk, and the humble cardboard box, which hold significance in the world of play.

Each year, The Strong chooses a select few video games to induct into their prestigious Hall of Fame. This year’s additions include Atari arcade classic Asteroids, the original Resident Evil, Myst, SimCity, and Ultima. These games were chosen for their significant contributions to the world of gaming and their lasting impact on the industry. Myst, for example, was lauded for its groundbreaking world and early use of CD-ROMs, while SimCity was recognized for popularizing simulation and city-building games.

The latest inductees will now be part of the permanent exhibition at The Strong’s physical museum in Rochester, NY. They join over 40 other video games that have been honored since the World Video Game Hall of Fame was established in 2015. This exhibition serves as a testament to the importance of these games in the history of gaming and their continued relevance to players today.

While the latest inductees are certainly deserving of recognition, there are many other notable games that have yet to be honored by The Strong. Titles like Doom, World of Warcraft, Oregon Trail, Tomb Raider, and Minecraft are all worthy contenders for future induction. The diverse selection of games in The Strong’s Hall of Fame showcases the rich history and evolution of gaming, from early text-based adventures to modern open-world exploration games.

As the World Video Game Hall of Fame continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see which games are chosen for induction in the coming years. With a wide range of genres, platforms, and styles represented in the Hall of Fame, there is no shortage of deserving candidates for future recognition. The Strong’s commitment to celebrating the history and impact of video games ensures that the industry’s most important games and creators are rightly recognized and celebrated for years to come.


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