The Role of VentureBeat’s Special Issues in Providing Unique Insights for Technical Decision-Makers

At the core of VentureBeat’s editorial mission lies a commitment to illuminate the most game-changing technologies that are shaping our world for technical leaders. An essential aspect of achieving this objective is through the creation of thought-provoking and highly sought-after formats such as the “Special Issue.” These Special Issues delve into pivotal topics within the tech industry, equipping decision-makers with the knowledge needed to make informed strategic choices.

One compelling example of VentureBeat’s successful Special Issues is “Data Centers in 2023 – How to do More with Less.” This particular Special Issue provided an in-depth exploration of how enterprise leaders navigate the ongoing economic slowdown and the impact of rising interest rates on data center investments. Through a series of ten feature articles, a consistent trend was observed – companies are not abandoning their investments in data centers but instead are redefining their strategies by focusing on efficiency and consolidation of investments in response to the cloud sprawl of the past decade.

What set VentureBeat’s Special Issue apart from others was the extensive breadth and depth of the coverage. In addition to detailed reports, exclusive video interviews were conducted with industry leaders, such as Joann Stonier, Chief Data Officer of Mastercard, and Promiti Dutta, head of analytics technology and innovation at Citi. These rare insights into data center strategy, typically kept confidential due to security concerns, offer readers a unique perspective that cannot be found elsewhere.

Over the past 18 months, VentureBeat’s Special Issues have explored various critical topics for tech leaders, including data privacy, customer data strategy, AI applications, the evolving CIO agenda, and the future of AI in healthcare. The positive response from sponsors has enabled the expansion of coverage. For example, GamesBeat, one of VentureBeat’s sites, recently published its inaugural Special Issue on how gaming brands cultivate communities in the era of platforms like Discord, thanks to sponsorship from Modulate.

VentureBeat’s goal is simple – to provide in-depth insights that cannot be found elsewhere. And the evidence suggests that they are succeeding in this mission. The exploration into the world of data centers did not stop at examining efficiency; a deeper analysis was performed. In the July Special Issue, VentureBeat delved into “The Future of the Data Center,” examining how IT leaders prioritize performance to meet the growing demands of AI applications and the upcoming deployments of generative AI.

However, VentureBeat does not stop there. They aim to extend their reporting by covering the consequences of escalating processing needs and the implications for powering data centers. From the electricity power race in Arizona to the increasing water demands for cooling in Minnesota, VentureBeat’s forthcoming Special Issue will explore the intersection of data centers and sustainability. This comprehensive and sustained exploration of complex topics relevant to technical decision-makers is a rarity in the field, made possible by the unwavering support of sponsors. One notable sponsor deserving recognition is AMD, whose support for VentureBeat’s data center Special Issues has proven invaluable. Other special issue sponsors include innovative companies such as Nvidia and Microsoft.

VentureBeat’s future plans revolve around two primary areas of focus. The flagship site, VentureBeat, will continue to cover LLMs and generative AI, analyzing their implications on enterprises. On the other hand, GamesBeat will maintain its position as a leading platform for discussing the impact of immersive technologies on the gaming industry.

VentureBeat welcomes potential partners and sponsors who seek to engage with these dynamic communities to collaborate on upcoming Special Issues. By working together, they can ensure that their millions of readers remain well-informed and well-prepared to navigate the fast-paced landscape of these transformative technologies.

To wrap up, VentureBeat’s Special Issues play a vital role in providing unique insights for technical decision-makers. Through their comprehensive coverage, exclusive interviews, and diverse topics, they have solidified their position as a reliable and informative source. As they strive to push boundaries and expand their reporting, the contribution of sponsors and partners becomes increasingly crucial in supporting VentureBeat’s editorial mission.


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