The Rising Tide: A Look at the Latest DLC for Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix recently announced the release of a new paid DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, titled The Rising Tide. This update, scheduled for April 18th, promises to bring a host of new content to the popular PS5 game, including the addition of the formidable eikon Leviathan.

Apart from introducing Leviathan to the game, The Rising Tide will also include a new game mode, as well as a range of new weapons and abilities for players to explore. One of the highlights of the DLC is the addition of a challenging 20-stage battle mode called Kairos Gate, which is designed to test players’ skills and provide an opportunity to earn new materials and weapons.

According to PlayStation’s blog post, players can look forward to a thrilling new boss fight against Leviathan, where the protagonist Clive will gain access to Leviathan Eikonic abilities. These abilities include the power to summon a sea-spitting serpent that can deliver precision strikes to enemies from a distance, as well as the ability to unleash the full might of the Eikon of Water to flood adversaries both near and far.

To access the Kairos Gate battle mode, players will need to complete both The Rising Tide DLC and the main game. Upon unlocking this mode, players will face increasingly difficult challenges across 20 stages, with their scores being uploaded to a global leaderboard. Successful completion of these challenges will earn players new rewards, materials, and weapons to enhance their gaming experience.

Overall, The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy XVI appears to be a promising addition to the game, offering players exciting new content to explore and challenges to overcome. With the release date set for April 18th, fans of the series can look forward to diving into the world of Final Fantasy once again and experiencing the thrill of facing off against the powerful Leviathan and tackling the demanding Kairos Gate battle mode.


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