The Rise of Threads: A Potential Threat to X in the U.S. Market

The latest data from Apptopia reveals a significant shift in daily active users between Threads and X in the U.S. market. Threads is experiencing a steady increase in daily active users and surpassing X in terms of daily actives. While it is important to note that third-party app data providers may not have access to a full stream of information from the apps themselves, the numbers presented are indicative of a larger trend.

According to the data, Threads has an estimated 28 million daily active users in April, while X has averaged 22 million daily active users. This represents a usage rate that is 21% lower than Threads, signaling a potential threat to X in the U.S. market. Although X boasts over 250 million daily active users globally, the growing popularity of Threads in the U.S. market could pose challenges for X in the future.

Despite the competition from Threads, Apptopia reports that X has shown relative stability in its daily active user count. Compared to December, when X saw a decrease to around 17 million U.S. DAUs, the numbers have now stabilized at a higher level. However, Threads seems to be on a trajectory to overtake X, with the potential for expanded opportunities in other regions as well.

Meta’s leadership has expressed its belief that Threads has the potential to become the next billion-user platform. While the app experienced rapid growth initially, reaching 100 million members in record time, its growth has slowed since then. Currently, Threads has 130 million monthly active users, trailing behind X’s 550 million monthly active users. Despite this, Meta remains optimistic about Threads’ future and its ability to offer a more engaging platform for users.

Meta’s focus on building a positive user experience and avoiding real-time content may be key strategies in its competition with X. While Threads still has a long way to go to unseat X as the leading social platform, Meta’s commitment to improving the platform and attracting more users could be a game-changer. The potential for Threads to expand its user base beyond the U.S. market suggests that Meta’s vision for the app may indeed come to fruition.

The rise of Threads and the increasing competition with X in the U.S. market indicate a shifting landscape in the social media industry. While X maintains a strong global presence, Threads’ growth momentum and potential for expansion present a challenge to X’s dominance. As Meta continues to invest in Threads and improve the user experience, the app may emerge as a viable alternative to X for a wider audience.

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