The Rise of Generative AI in Elections: A 2024 Perspective

In the ever-evolving landscape of politics, the emergence of generative AI technology is causing a significant shift in the way campaigns are conducted. From India to South Africa to the United States, we are witnessing dead leaders endorsing successors, rappers endorsing opposition parties, and even presidents telling voters to stay home. However, all of these events are not real – they are the work of generative AI.

In 2024, the global electorate is facing an unprecedented year with more than 2 billion people set to vote in elections across 60 countries. This vast number of voters will now have to navigate the landscape of generative AI and its potential impact on political campaigns. The use of deepfakes, AI chatbots, and automated texts is becoming increasingly common, raising concerns about misinformation and manipulation.

Experts are aware that generative AI has the power to drastically alter the information landscape, but the exact implications are still uncertain. Issues such as misinformation, scam content, and hate speech are likely to be amplified by this technology, despite efforts by companies to implement safeguards. As generative AI continues to infiltrate the political sphere, it is crucial to monitor its effects on elections and public perception.

To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of generative AI on politics, a comprehensive tracking system has been implemented. This system will continuously update a list and map of countries where generative AI has been utilized in elections, along with specific instances and relevant details. By monitoring the companies, tools, and platforms involved in these occurrences, we can better comprehend the scale of generative AI’s influence on the political landscape.

The intersection of generative AI and political campaigns is ushering in a new era of electioneering. With the potential for deepfakes, AI-generated content, and automated manipulation, the integrity of democratic processes is under threat. By remaining vigilant and informed on the use of generative AI in elections, we can work towards safeguarding the democratic ideals that form the cornerstone of society.


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