The Rise of Disney Plus and Hulu: A Profitable Turnaround

The recent earnings report from Disney has unveiled a surprising turn of events for the company’s streaming services. Disney Plus and Hulu, for the first time, have posted a profit of $47 million combined in the past quarter. This achievement marks a significant turnaround from the $587 million loss reported at the same time last year. However, amidst this success, ESPN Plus still struggled and resulted in a $65 million loss, leaving the combined streaming earnings $18 million in the red.

Despite the challenges faced by ESPN Plus, Disney remains optimistic about the future profitability of its streaming business. Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed confidence during the earnings call, stating that the company expects its streaming business to become profitable by the fourth quarter of this year. The growth and success of the streaming segment have been identified as a key driver for the company’s future success trajectory.

Over the past few months, Disney Plus has seen substantial growth, adding 7.9 million subscribers in the US and Canada, bringing the total subscriber count to 54 million. The company’s strategic move to launch a combined Disney Plus and Hulu app in March has been well-received, with plans to integrate ESPN Plus into the app in the near future. Offering a seamless entertainment experience to subscribers is a key focus for Disney as it aims to expand its reach and cater to diverse consumer preferences.

One factor that may have contributed to the turnaround of Disney’s streaming business is the introduction of the ad-supported tier. Priced at $7.99 per month, the option was launched in December 2022 and has since gained momentum, attracting 22.5 million subscribers. Disney’s partnership with the cable provider Charter played a significant role in driving the growth of the ad-supported tier, indicating the importance of strategic collaborations in the streaming industry. Additionally, Disney has ambitious plans for the future, including the launch of a standalone ESPN streaming service in 2025 and a dedicated sports streaming service in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox later this year.

Disney’s success in turning its streaming services profitable represents a significant milestone for the entertainment giant. With a focus on innovation, subscriber growth, and strategic partnerships, Disney is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for digital content and emerge as a key player in the competitive streaming landscape.


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