The Rise of AI in the Workplace: Shaping Careers and Reskilling Employees

Move over dial-up internet. The generational divide within the workplace is no longer about remembering the days of slow internet connections. Now, it revolves around the era before AI dominated almost every aspect of our work lives and the period after. According to McKinsey, generative AI is now being used by 79% of workers, with 22% using it regularly for their everyday tasks. With AI predicted to eliminate 83 million jobs globally by 2027, it’s clear that AI not only shapes day-to-day work but also has a massive impact on career trajectories.

In response to the growing influence of AI, educational institutions are stepping up to prepare students for the AI-powered workforce. ChatGPT, an AI language model, is being utilized by educational institutions, with colleges building state-of-the-art AI faculties. This focus on AI aims to meet student demand and address the skills gap, as 75% of companies struggle to recruit qualified talent. For example, the University of Albany has hired 27 new faculty members specializing in artificial intelligence to incorporate AI teaching and research across all academic programs. Additionally, the University of Southern California has invested over $1 billion in its AI initiative, offering courses in advanced computation, quantum computing, AI ethics, and more. Purdue University has also established the Institute for Physical AI (IPAI), focusing on robotics, deep fake detection, and AI-based manufacturing.

For those who fall into the “days before AI” camp, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts that 50% of employees will need reskilling by 2025. As technology adoption increases, keeping hard skills up-to-date is crucial. However, there is also a renewed emphasis on the importance of soft skills. The WEF has identified the top 10 skills of the future, which include critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, leadership, resilience, flexibility, and stress tolerance. These are skills that machines have yet to master. Therefore, individuals must develop these soft skills to remain competitive in the AI-powered workplace.

Futureproofing Your Career with the VentureBeat Job Board

If you’re looking to futureproof your career prospects, the VentureBeat Job Board is an excellent place to start your job search. This platform features thousands of jobs in companies that are actively hiring. For example:


NVIDIA is seeking a Senior Deep Learning Algorithms Software Engineer to join its deep learning algorithms team. In this role, you’ll develop and commercialize AI solutions related to natural language processing, computer vision, speech, text, and recommendation systems. Your responsibilities will include developing algorithms for deep learning, analyzing and improving GPU implementations, and publishing state-of-the-art results.

Capgemini Engineering

Capgemini Engineering addresses business needs in the fast-evolving world of cloud, data, AI, and digital engineering. As a Software Engineer Lead, you will design, develop, and unit test APIs and applications. Your collaboration with multi-functional teams and contribution to design discussions will be essential in delivering high-quality solutions.

Project Starline from Google

Project Starline from Google aims to connect people who are physically apart by combining hardware and software advancements. In the role of Senior Product Manager, you will guide products from conception to launch and bridge the gap between technical and business aspects. Your ability to break down complex problems and experience in building and shipping technical products will be valuable.

The rise of AI in the workplace is reshaping careers and creating a new divide between those who adapt and those who struggle to keep up. Educational institutions are actively preparing students for the AI-powered workforce, while individuals must focus on developing soft skills alongside their hard skills. By embracing AI and reskilling, professionals can futureproof their careers and thrive in the changing landscape of work. The VentureBeat Job Board offers opportunities for individuals to explore AI-related roles and stay ahead in this evolving job market.


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