The Rise and Fall of the TimeSplitters Reboot: A Missed Opportunity

The TimeSplitters franchise has long been a beloved series among gamers, known for its unique blend of fast-paced multiplayer action and engaging storylines. So, when news broke about a reboot of the franchise, fans were understandably excited. However, recent revelations from a former developer at Free Radical Design have shed light on the tumultuous development journey of the TimeSplitters reboot, leaving many disappointed and questioning what could have been.

According to the anonymous developer, the TimeSplitters reboot initially started as a shameless attempt to cash in on the battle royale trend popularized by Fortnite. The game was intended to be a free-to-play title, complete with a battle royale mode and other multiplayer modes reminiscent of the original TimeSplitters games. However, even the development team themselves reportedly had reservations about this direction, recognizing that a mere clone of Fortnite would not do justice to the beloved franchise.

Thankfully, for fans of the TimeSplitters series, the reboot eventually veered away from its battle royale ambitions and decided to focus on remaking TimeSplitters 2. While this decision may have seemed like a step in the right direction, it came with its own set of challenges. As the anonymous developer revealed, the shift in vision resulted in a lack of marketing for the game and a prolonged development cycle. Placeholder assets were utilized, and the team did not have dedicated artists until the final stages of development, leading to a less than optimal gameplay experience.

It is deeply disappointing to learn that the TimeSplitters reboot, which had the potential to reignite the franchise and captivate a new generation of gamers, ultimately met an untimely demise. The cancellation of the project, coupled with the closure of Free Radical Design, paints a bleak picture for the future of TimeSplitters. The development team’s intentions, their desire to create something as memorable as the original games, have been thwarted by circumstances beyond their control.

With the TimeSplitters reboot officially canceled, fans are left wondering if there will ever be another opportunity to revitalize the franchise. The fate of the series now rests in the hands of Plaion, the Embracer division in charge of Free Radical. Will they attempt to revive TimeSplitters with another studio? Only time will tell. However, the abrupt end to this development journey leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of those who held out hope for a triumphant return of TimeSplitters.

As we bid farewell to the TimeSplitters reboot and the dedicated team behind it, we can’t help but reflect on what could have been. TimeSplitters holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, and the potential for a successful reboot was undeniable. It is a shame that external factors took away the opportunity to create something truly remarkable. The legacy of TimeSplitters will forever be remembered, but the future of the franchise remains uncertain.


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