The Right-to-Repair Movement: iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit on Sale

The right-to-repair movement has gained significant traction in recent years, with states like California, New York, and Minnesota passing laws to empower consumers to repair their own devices. While the ability to access parts and manuals is essential, having the proper tools is equally crucial in the repair process.

iFixit, known for its detailed teardowns of various gadgets, offers the Pro Tech Toolkit at a discounted price of $59.96, currently available on Amazon, Best Buy, and iFixit websites. This versatile toolkit, which is now $15 off, provides consumers with a wide array of tools necessary for repairing modern tech devices.

At the core of the Pro Tech Toolkit is a 64-bit driver kit, supplemented by spudgers, tweezers, case-opening picks, a SIM removal tool, and a magnetic case that serves as a sorting tray. The kit includes a meticulously curated selection of bits, such as pentalobe bits for opening iPhones, tri-wing bits for consoles like the Nintendo Switch, and Torx bits for vintage Apple computers and PCs.

Additionally, the toolkit contains basic Phillips and flathead bits, making it versatile for various repair needs beyond electronic devices. With a lifetime warranty and high-quality construction, the Pro Tech Toolkit has become a staple among tech enthusiasts and Verge staffers alike.

Apart from the Pro Tech Toolkit, other tech devices are currently available at discounted prices. The OnePlus Open, a foldable phone, can be purchased from Amazon and OnePlus for $1399.99, marking a $300 discount from its original price. While it may lack certain features compared to competitors like the Galaxy Z Fold and Google Pixel Fold, the OnePlus Open offers a premium flagship experience with four years of OS upgrades and excellent multitasking capabilities.

Additionally, Sharge’s Retro 67 charger, inspired by the design of the Macintosh computer, is on sale at Amazon for $44.99 with a $5 discount coupon. The three-port USB-C PD and PPS charger can deliver up to 67W via a single port and features a dot-matrix display for monitoring power output in real-time.

The Verge recently released a 2024 graduation gift guide, featuring a selection of recommended gifts for graduates of all ages. While not all items in the guide are discounted, the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack is available on Backcountry for $160 with a $40 discount for members of the Backcountry Expedition Perks program. Made of durable 1680-denier ballistic nylon, this carry-on backpack offers ample storage and organization for travelers.

The right-to-repair movement continues to make strides in empowering consumers to take control of their own device repairs. The availability of tools like iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit at discounted prices, along with special offers on tech devices and accessories, further facilitates the repair process and promotes sustainability in consumer electronics.


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