The Return of “View Once” Feature on WhatsApp Web and Desktop Versions

WhatsApp has always been dedicated to providing its users with innovative and convenient features. One such feature is the disappearing messages functionality, which deletes sent messages after a specified period. Additionally, WhatsApp introduced the ability to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once before being automatically erased. Initially available only on Android and iOS, this feature was temporarily removed from the desktop and Web versions due to security concerns. However, recent reports suggest that WhatsApp is planning to reintroduce the “View Once” feature on WhatsApp Web and desktop platforms, catering to a wider range of users.

According to a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out the “View Once” feature for photos and videos on its Web and desktop versions. The screenshot shared in the report showcases the “view once” option within the caption bar in the drawing editor on the WhatsApp for Windows platform. This feature won’t be limited to Windows; it will also be available on macOS and linked devices like iPads. The report also mentioned that WhatsApp is extending this feature to its WhatsApp Web platform, opening up more possibilities for users to leverage this feature. Currently, the feature is slowly rolling out to eligible users, and it is expected to be available to all users once they update their applications to the latest version.

It’s interesting to note that WhatsApp’s decision to reintroduce the “View Once” feature on desktop and Web versions stems from user feedback and demands. Initially, the feature was removed due to security concerns. However, users highlighted the usefulness of the “view once” feature, as it allows them to view media files without occupying unnecessary storage space on their devices. This emphasizes WhatsApp’s commitment to listening to its users and constantly improving its platform based on their needs and preferences.

The revival of the “View Once” feature is expected to enrich the user experience on WhatsApp Web and desktop versions. By introducing this feature, WhatsApp empowers its users to have more control over their media sharing options. Whether it’s sharing a sensitive document or a personal photo, users can now ensure that the recipient can only view the media once, eliminating concerns about unintended distribution or storage consumption. This not only enhances the privacy and security of users but also ensures efficient utilization of device storage.

WhatsApp has also made noteworthy updates to its backup functionality. From December onwards, Android users will be able to continue their WhatsApp backups as long as they have sufficient cloud storage space on their Google accounts. If users reach their storage limit, they will need to create space on Google Drive to resume the backup process seamlessly. Additionally, for those concerned about their chats occupying storage space, WhatsApp offers the “Disappearing Messages” option, which automatically deletes messages after a certain period, reducing clutter and optimizing storage usage.

WhatsApp has introduced another feature, prompting users to add their email address as a secondary identifier to their WhatsApp account. This email address is not visible to contacts on WhatsApp but serves as a means for the app to send verification codes and similar communication. This feature adds an extra layer of security to users’ accounts and streamlines the verification process while keeping the users’ privacy intact.

WhatsApp’s decision to bring back the “View Once” feature on its Web and desktop versions showcases their commitment to addressing user demands and feedback. By including this functionality, WhatsApp aims to provide enhanced control and convenience to its users, enabling them to securely share media files without cluttering their devices’ storage. With additional features like backup continuity and the option to use email as a secondary identifier, WhatsApp continues to innovate and prioritize user experience while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. So, get ready to experience the revamped WhatsApp Web and desktop platforms with the exciting “View Once” feature as it rolls out to eligible users in the coming weeks.

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