The Resurrection of City of Heroes: A New Era for Superhero MMO

In November 2012, the popular super-powered MMO City of Heroes left its fans heartbroken when it shut down. However, in recent years, dedicated and passionate fans have taken it upon themselves to revive the game through privately-hosted servers. While these servers allowed gamers to continue their superhero adventures, there was always a lingering threat that they could be taken down at any moment by the nefarious actions of lawyers. Thankfully, it seems that this concern may soon be a thing of the past.

One of the most prominent community-hosted servers, Homecoming, has been granted an official license to operate by NCSoft, the owners of City of Heroes. This announcement has brought relief and excitement to the passionate player base who have been tirelessly fighting for the game’s revival. The Homecoming team assures players that their accounts and characters are safe, and access to the game and server will remain completely free. The server will continue to be supported through player donations, ensuring that City of Heroes can live on.

Not only does the Homecoming team have the blessing of NCSoft, but they also have plans to continue developing new content for the game. Already, they have introduced a new Archetype called the Sentinel, offering players a fresh class to explore. Additionally, the team has added new powersets, stories, and missions, breathing new life into the virtual world of superheroes.

As the only fan-run server to receive an official license, Homecoming aims to consolidate the passionate City of Heroes community under one united home. The team is forming a new leadership group known as the City Council, which will consist of Homecoming’s current development team and representatives from other servers they have been collaborating with. By bringing everyone together, they hope to create a stronger and more vibrant community.

To support the operation of the server and the development of new content, Homecoming is actively seeking more volunteer developers and Game Masters. By recruiting more talented individuals, they aim to enhance the player experience and ensure that City of Heroes continues to evolve and thrive. Furthermore, the team plans to register as a non-profit organization (NPO), solidifying their commitment to serving the community’s interests.

City of Heroes holds a special place in the hearts of gamers and industry professionals alike. Developed by Cryptic Studios and launched in 2004, City of Heroes emerged during the same year as the genre-defining powerhouse, World of Warcraft. The IP was eventually sold to NCSoft, and while the game and its development team went through various changes, its impact remained significant. City of Heroes was even one of the few games that all four founders of Rock Paper Shotgun played together before the site’s launch, cementing its place in gaming history.

If you’re eager to join the ranks of City of Heroes enthusiasts or return to the game after its revival, the Homecoming website offers a comprehensive Getting Started guide. This guide includes download links for the launcher and instructions on creating an account, ensuring that players can easily embark on their heroic journey.

The official licensing of the Homecoming server has breathed new life into the beloved City of Heroes MMO. With the reassurance of safety for accounts and characters and the commitment to continued development, fans can once again don their capes and masks and immerse themselves in a world of superheroic adventures. The formation of the City Council and the recruitment of more volunteers further demonstrate the dedication of the Homecoming team to build a vibrant and unified community. As City of Heroes rises from the ashes, a new era for the MMO genre awaits.


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