The Remastering of Risk of Rain: A Fresh Take on a Classic Game

Risk of Rain, a popular 2D sidescroller, had players immersed in the chaotic world of turning a small character into a projectile storm. Its sequel, however, took a different approach by transitioning from pixel art to 3D. While this change brought a certain level of excitement, it seemed to sacrifice some of the game’s readability in the process. Now, enter Risk of Rain Returns, a full remaster of the original game that not only enhances the visuals with higher resolution artwork but also introduces new survivors and improved multiplayer capabilities.

One of the defining features of Risk of Rain Returns is the diverse selection of survivors to choose from. With a total of fifteen characters to play as, including two newcomers, players are bound to find a survivor that suits their playstyle. But it’s not just about variety; each survivor has been meticulously revised, providing alternate attack abilities to enhance gameplay. Take, for example, the Sniper, who now has the ability to aim their shots with precision, allowing players to prioritize targets amidst a swarm of enemies. These revisions give players new strategies to explore and add depth to the gameplay experience.

While the original Risk of Rain did have a multiplayer mode, it often left much to be desired, as is common with many indie games of its time. Risk of Rain Returns aims to rectify this issue with its “improved multiplayer services.” Whether you prefer online or local co-op, playing with friends should now be smoother and more enjoyable. The addition of four-player online and couch co-op ensures that players can team up to tackle the overwhelming hordes of enemies that await.

Risk of Rain was initially categorized as an indie roguelike alongside games like Spelunky. However, it has since evolved into something greater. In 2023, Risk of Rain Returns offers a fresh perspective on the genre, transforming it into a sidescrolling survival experience akin to Vampire Survivors. As players progress, their characters become progressively more destructive, offset only by the sheer number of formidable enemies on screen. This dynamic creates a constant sense of tension and exhilaration throughout the game.

Risk of Rain Returns represents a culmination of the efforts by Hopoo Games, the development studio behind the original Risk of Rain series. As the creators bid farewell to the franchise, it is clear that they have poured their passion into this remastered version. The attention to detail in the revamped artwork, the introduction of new survivors, and the enhanced multiplayer functionality all contribute to making Risk of Rain Returns a must-play for fans and newcomers alike.

Risk of Rain Returns is more than just a remaster; it is a testament to the evolution of a beloved game. With its stunning visuals, diverse roster of survivors, and improved multiplayer experience, it breathes new life into the franchise. So grab your controller, gather your friends, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the chaotic world of Risk of Rain Returns.


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