The Reality of Twitter’s Usage Stats and Data Points

The data shared by Twitter, now known as X, raises some serious questions regarding the platform’s growth metrics. The claim that X has 250 million daily active users has remained unchanged for 16 months, indicating stagnant growth. Similarly, the report of 550 million monthly active users is flawed, with contradicting figures presented over the months. The supposed addition of 50 million new users raises concerns about the accuracy of the data being reported.

User Engagement Discrepancies

The reported average daily user time spent on X being 30 minutes conflicts with the calculation based on daily active users. The growth in user engagement by +13% in 2024 and the increase in mobile time spent by +17% seem inconsistent with the decline in average time spent per day on the platform. These conflicting data points cast doubt on the reliability of the engagement metrics being presented.

While X claims that 1.7 million people join the platform daily, the lack of growth in daily active users and monthly actives raises concerns about user retention. The discrepancy between new sign-ups and actual active users indicates a high churn rate, with users not sticking around on the platform. This suggests that X may be struggling to retain its user base despite new sign-ups.

Inaccurate Brand Engagement Claims

X’s assertion of increased brand engagement by +63% more likes, +20% reposts, +14% views, and +6% more impressions lacks concrete data to support it. Third-party reports suggest a slight decline in brand engagement on the platform over the past few years. The discrepancies in reported engagement metrics raise doubts about the validity of X’s claims regarding brand interactions.

Search Activity and Video Views Discrepancies

The reported 59 billion searches on X in 2024 pale in comparison to previous search activity levels on the platform. The decrease in search activity over the years raises questions about the platform’s relevance and user engagement. Similarly, the claim of over 8 billion video views per day shows an unrealistic growth trend, considering past video view metrics. The inconsistencies in these data points suggest a lack of transparency in reporting by X.

Decline in Spaces and Communities Usage

The decrease in the number of Spaces created in 2024 compared to previous reports indicates a slowdown in momentum for this feature on X. Similarly, the reported growth in time spent on Communities by +600% lacks comparison data for validation. The declining usage of Spaces and discrepancies in Communities data point to a potential decline in user engagement with these platform features.

The claim of 1 million jobs posted via X Hiring with a +556% increase in job posts over the last 90 days raises questions about the actual impact of these listings. While impressive on the surface, the lack of information on job hires resulting from these listings makes the metrics appear inflated and misleading.

Questionable Data Points in the Face of Declining Usage

Despite presenting various data points, X’s overall performance seems to be flat or in decline according to third-party reports. The platform’s claim of ongoing success contradicts reports indicating a decline in usage since 2022. The mismatch between X’s reported data points and actual usage trends highlights the platform’s struggle to maintain its popularity and user base.

The discrepancies and inaccuracies in the usage stats and data points shared by Twitter, now known as X, raise significant concerns about the platform’s transparency and reliability. The conflicting growth metrics, user engagement discrepancies, questionable user retention, and inflated job posting metrics all point to a lack of consistency in the data being reported. As X continues to share data points as indicators of success, the reality of declining usage and user engagement raises doubts about the platform’s long-term viability and appeal to advertisers. It remains to be seen how X’s financial performance will reflect these challenges in the future.

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