The Reality of Layoffs in the Gaming Industry

The recent news of Deck Nine, the developers behind beloved titles such as the Life is Strange series, laying off 20% of its staff due to “the game industry’s worsening market conditions” sheds light on a harsh reality experienced by many in the gaming industry.

Deck Nine took on the responsibility of continuing the Life is Strange series after Dontnod with successful spin-offs like Before the Storm and True Colors. The studio also ventured into new territory by creating The Expanse: A Telltale Series, a testament to their creativity and versatility in storytelling.

The latest wave of layoffs at Deck Nine is not only a blow to the employees who have lost their jobs but also a reflection of the volatile nature of the gaming industry. The statement released by the studio expressing the talent and dedication of those affected emphasizes the human cost of such decisions.

Leadership’s Response

In an effort to minimize the number of job losses, Deck Nine’s leadership made personal sacrifices by cutting their own pay. This gesture speaks to the solidarity and camaraderie within the team, highlighting the strength of their bond even in the face of adversity.

A Harsh Reality

The gaming industry’s ongoing struggle with layoffs and studio closures is a harsh reality that continues to plague talented developers. Despite their hard work and passion for creating exceptional gaming experiences, many find themselves at the mercy of market forces beyond their control.

Moving Forward

As the industry grapples with its challenges, it is crucial for stakeholders to recognize the importance of supporting and valuing the individuals who pour their creativity and dedication into bringing games to life. By fostering a culture of stability and respect, we can strive towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all those involved in gaming.


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