The Power of Video: X’s New Media Tab

X is making a strategic move to reinforce its commitment to being a “video-first platform”. In line with this new direction, the company is working on introducing a media tab within its app. This tab aims to make it more convenient for users to discover the latest video content. By placing the video tab at the center of the lower function bar, X hopes to encourage greater user engagement and capitalize on the immense popularity of video consumption.

As shared by X News Daily, a video tab will soon replace the current Grok icon in the app’s lower function bar. This change raises questions about the popularity and effectiveness of Grok, X’s AI chatbot. However, what remains clear is that X recognizes the potential of video content. Twitter’s previous insights indicated that tweets with video generate ten times more engagement than non-video posts. Moreover, X has revealed that 80% of user sessions now involve video consumption. Notably, over 100 million individuals watch full-screen vertical videos on the app each day.

Embracing Original Content and Enhancing Discovery

To drive user engagement, X is likely to prioritize its original content through the new video tab. By featuring its original shows and series, X can not only captivate its existing audience but also inspire other video creators to generate reach within the app. The media tab may also serve as a solution to the discovery problem. Currently, X hosts around 80,000 Spaces chats daily. However, finding these live chats in real-time poses a challenge due to the absence of a central linkage to Spaces or video live streams.

While previous attempts to address discovery through dedicated tabs for Spaces and Moments did not yield favorable outcomes, there is reason to believe that video could be different. The sheer popularity and engagement rates of video content on X suggest that a dedicated video tab could significantly improve user experience. Additionally, real-time video live streams could be integrated into this new tab, potentially maximizing in-app engagement even further. Although details regarding the implementation of the media tab are still limited, this approach seems promising considering X’s objective of driving more engagement and increasing video ad sales.

Revamping Video Content Highlighting

With video consumption on the rise, X needs to revamp how it highlights the best video content in its app. The introduction of a media tab signals a shift towards showcasing video content prominently, grabbing users’ attention, and enticing them to explore the vast array of videos available. By optimizing its recommendation algorithm, X can ensure that users are exposed to videos that align with their preferences and interests.

X’s new media tab represents a significant step in its evolution towards becoming a video-first platform. By capitalizing on the immense popularity of video consumption and prioritizing original content, X aims to enhance user engagement and strengthen its position as a leading platform for video content. As X continues to refine its approach, it will be interesting to see how the media tab evolves and how it impacts both user behavior and the video advertising landscape.

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