The New Partnership Between Picsart and Getty Images: A Game Changer in AI Image Generation

In a groundbreaking collaboration, image and video-editing platform Picsart has joined forces with Getty Images to introduce a new AI image generator. This innovative tool is designed to be “responsible” and “commercially safe,” offering users the ability to create images with full commercial rights. The AI model behind this tool is exclusively trained on Getty Images’ licensed content, ensuring that users can generate content without violating copyright laws.

Addressing Long-Standing Concerns

One of the key motivations behind the development of this AI image generator is to address the longstanding concerns regarding AI-generated content potentially infringing on copyright laws. By utilizing licensed content from Getty Images, Picsart aims to provide a solution that gives users peace of mind when it comes to the commercial use of generated images. This partnership represents a significant step forward in ensuring that AI technology is used ethically and responsibly in the creative industry.

The collaboration between Picsart and Getty Images draws parallels to Adobe’s Firefly AI model, which was initially launched as a prompt-based image generation tool in Photoshop. However, while Adobe’s model is trained on its own Stock library and content that is openly licensed or out of copyright, the training data is not without its controversies. Some users have expressed concerns about how Adobe is training its model, raising questions about the trustworthiness of the generated content.

Getty Images has a history of developing commercially-focused AI products, with partnerships with Bria AI and Runway, as well as collaborating with Nvidia to launch “Generative AI by Getty Images.” These initiatives demonstrate Getty Images’ commitment to leveraging AI technology to enhance the creative process and provide users with valuable tools for image generation. The upcoming collaboration with Picsart marks another significant milestone in Getty Images’ AI development journey.

The Impact on Creative Professionals

As Adobe’s Firefly AI model has been integrated into popular apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Express, creatives may be hesitant to switch to Picsart’s new offering. Convincing users to embrace this new tool will require demonstrating its advantages over existing solutions and assuring users of the reliability and quality of the generated content. The success of Picsart and Getty Images’ collaboration will depend on how well they can address these concerns and position their AI image generator as a valuable addition to the creative workflow.


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