The New Frontier: Building Your Own Spacestations in Starfield

In an exciting development for fans of Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG, Starfield, a talented modder has unveiled a Starfield mod that allows players to construct their very own spacestations. This remarkable feat by vexthecollector, aptly named “Spacestations for Outposts,” presents an opportunity for players to bring their imagination to life and build their own Deep Space Nine. While it may have been a hidden functionality within the game, it seems destined to be unlocked by a DLC pack or a future update.

According to vexthecollector, the code for this feature was already present in the game, albeit with a few glitches. In a post on the NexusMods page, the modder explains, “All of the code was already in the game, but a few things were broken and just didn’t work. As you can see from how it is currently even with this mod, a few things like docking are still somewhat broken.” Despite these ongoing issues, the modder has managed to revive and refine this latent feature, allowing players to create their own spacestations with ease.

To begin constructing your spacestation, you must first establish an outpost on a planet. Once this is accomplished, navigate to the Misc section in the building menu and create a spacestation control pad. Interact with the small terminal on the control pad, clicking it twice to initiate the modification process. A message will appear, and by selecting “modify space station,” the last Starfield ship you acquired will undergo a transformation into a prototype starbase.

To ensure the functionality of your spacestation, the modder advises adding at least three docking units, with five recommended for optimal performance. Currently, all components are free, as the modder has not yet assigned values to each item. After finalizing your modifications, save your progress and exit, similar to customizing a ship in the unmodded version of Starfield. Now, take to the skies and behold the magnificent creation you have crafted.

Limitations and Future Possibilities

While the ability to construct your own spacestation is undoubtedly an exhilarating addition to Starfield, there are a few caveats to consider. Similar to ship customization, decorations within the spacestation will despawn whenever you edit it. Therefore, if you wish to add decorative elements to your creation, you may need to explore additional mods available within the Starfield modding community.

Although Bethesda has announced official mod support for Starfield to be released in 2024, innovative players have wasted no time in diving into the game’s code and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From connecting planetary maps to releasing community patches to address minor issues, the modding community continues to demonstrate the immense creativity and dedication of Starfield enthusiasts. For those eager to explore even more mods for Starfield, a comprehensive list of the best available options is readily accessible.

As we embark on this new frontier in Starfield, the ability to construct spacestations opens up infinite possibilities for players to shape the game world to their desires. In a universe brimming with uncharted territories and vast celestial wonders, the ability to build on asteroids remains a lingering dream, like tantalizing haunted asteroids. Who knows what the future holds for Starfield and the creative minds behind its expansive modding community? One thing is for certain: the sky is no longer the limit.


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