The New DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel: A Portable and Affordable Solution for Video Editing on iPad

Blackmagic Design, a leading technology company in the video editing industry, has recently announced the release of the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel. This new product is specifically designed to complement the iPad version of the popular DaVinci Resolve video editing software. With a focus on portability and affordability, the Micro Color Panel aims to provide users with a professional-grade editing experience in a compact and cost-effective package.

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel measures at 14.33 inches by 7.18 inches, making it a similar size to a standard computer keyboard. Despite its compact dimensions, the panel comes equipped with three weighted trackballs and 12 control knobs, allowing users to make precise adjustments to shadows, highlights, contrast, and mid-tones. The panel supports multitouch input and is compatible with the Apple Pencil for added flexibility in editing.

One of the key selling points of the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel is its affordability compared to other professional-grade color panels on the market. Priced at $495, the Micro Color Panel is significantly cheaper than the next model up, the Mini Panel, which retails for over $2,000. Despite its lower price point, Blackmagic Design assures users that the Micro Color Panel maintains a high level of professional quality and functionality.

Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty emphasized the company’s commitment to accessibility by offering localized versions of the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel in multiple languages. This ensures that users from different regions can utilize the panel without facing language barriers. Additionally, the panel’s design and layout are intended to be familiar to editors who are accustomed to working with larger color panels, providing a seamless transition to the portable Micro Color Panel.

For those interested in experiencing the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel firsthand, Blackmagic Design will be showcasing the product at the NAB 2024 event. Attendees can visit the company’s show booth (#SL5005) to see the panel in action and explore its features and capabilities. By demonstrating the panel at a major industry event, Blackmagic aims to generate interest and awareness among professionals in the video editing and production community.


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