The Mystery Surrounding Final Fantasy 9: An Analysis

At PAX East, Final Fantasy 14 producer Yoshi-P made the cryptic statement that the upcoming Dawntrail expansion includes many Final Fantasy 9 references, but he remained tight-lipped about the reason behind it. This has led to speculation among fans about a possible Final Fantasy IX remake or remaster being in the works. The inclusion of FF9-themed items such as the Ark mount and wind-up minions of Zidane and Garnet has only fueled the flames of speculation further.

The resurgence of rumors surrounding a Final Fantasy IX remake can be traced back to a 2021 Nvidia leak that listed a remake of the game as one of the upcoming titles for its cloud-based GeForce Now service. Despite the leak, there has been no official confirmation from Square Enix or any other sources about the existence of such a project. With the recent trend of Final Fantasy remakes and remasters, especially following the success of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, fans are eagerly awaiting any news about a potential remake of Final Fantasy 9.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase’s comments about the difficulty of remaking games like Final Fantasy 8 and 6 suggest that a full-blown remake of Final Fantasy 9 is unlikely. Kitase mentioned the immense amount of work involved in remaking FF8 and the time constraints for a potential FF6 remake, indicating that the prospect of a FF9 remake may be far-fetched. The more plausible scenario could be a remaster similar to Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, if Square Enix decides to revisit the game at all.

It is also possible that Yoshi-P’s tease of FF9 references in Final Fantasy 14 is simply hinting at an upcoming crossover event within the MMO. As the release date for the Dawntrail expansion approaches, fans will have to wait and see if the mysterious FF9 references culminate in a special in-game event. While the current version of Final Fantasy IX on PC remains popular among players, the potential for new content or enhancements through a crossover event in Final Fantasy 14 is an exciting prospect for fans of the series.

The mystery surrounding Final Fantasy 9 and its potential remake or remaster continues to captivate fans of the iconic RPG series. With hints and references scattered throughout different platforms and games, the speculation about the future of Final Fantasy 9 remains a hot topic among gamers. Whether it’s a full remake, a remaster, or simply a crossover event, the legacy of Final Fantasy 9 lives on in the hearts of fans, waiting to be revisited and rediscovered in new and unexpected ways.


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