The Mysterious World of Daniel Mullins: What’s Next for the Developer?

In the realm of video game development, there are creators who thrive on pushing boundaries and leaving players with an unsettling sense of wonder. Daniel Mullins is one such developer, known for his critically acclaimed titles like “Inscryption” and the diabolical “Pony Island”. Now, it seems that Mullins is once again ready to captivate audiences with something entirely new and mysterious.

The intrigue begins with a tweet from Geoff Keighley, a prominent figure in the gaming industry known for his involvement in The Game Awards. Keighley reaches out to Mullins, referencing a broken link to a video that he received. This cryptic message prompts curiosity among fans, as they wonder what lies behind the broken URL. Could this be the first clue to a grand unveiling?

Mullins, in response, confesses that the link he sent was not intentional. However, he provides an alternative in the form of a video featuring animated dinosaurs from the youtubehaiku era. It becomes apparent that this is more than just a casual mistake; it’s an old-fashioned ARG (Alternate Reality Game) teaser campaign.

Eldritch Goings-On

The enigma surrounding Mullins’ new project deepens as PCGamesN investigates further into the Daniel Mullins Games Discord. Two new accounts, “Admin Assistant” and “AdBot”, have joined the ranks. While the former claims to be “here to do a job”, the latter ominously states that it is “always watching”.

The name “AdBot” is not unfamiliar, as it belongs to a new internet surfing assistant developed by GameFuna. The company’s motto, “Develop. Sell. Profit.”, raises questions about the true nature of this assistant. A video posted on the Discord reveals encrypted hints and tantalizing secrets about the forthcoming project, leaving viewers eager to uncover the truth.

Adbot, the main character in this unfolding narrative, purports to possess the personality of one of GameFuna’s employees. However, skeptics may question the true intentions of this virtual assistant. Can it be trusted to keep personal information secure, or does it hide malevolence beneath its seemingly innocent exterior? These doubts only add to the anticipation and curiosity surrounding Mullins’ upcoming creation.

A Familiar Path or a New Direction?

As fans of Mullins’ previous games will know, his work is no stranger to invoking a sense of unease and exploring dark themes. With “Pony Island”, Mullins delved into the world of cursed computers, and some worry that his upcoming project might traverse similar ground. However, it is also entirely possible that this new game will take players on an entirely unexpected journey, just as “Inscryption” did.

Daniel Mullins is a developer who never fails to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique vision. As the pieces of this cryptic puzzle slowly come together, fans eagerly await the unveiling of Mullins’ new creation. Will it live up to the haunting brilliance of his previous titles, or will it redefine the limits of gaming once again? Only time will tell as we delve deeper into the mysterious world of Daniel Mullins.


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