The Magnitude of Warframe’s Whisper In The Walls Update

Last Wednesday, Digital Extremes treated RPS to a preview screening of the upcoming Warframe update announcements for this year’s Tennocon. As the game celebrates its 10th anniversary and the studio marks its 30th, this year’s Tennocon promises to be special. Although we were granted only a partial glimpse of the new content, it was evident that the Whisper In The Walls update is of considerable magnitude.

One of the most significant additions in the Whisper In The Walls update is a new area called the secret laboratory of Albrecht Entrati. Located beneath the Necralisk on Deimos, players will assist Loid, a floating drone, in completing or averting the Kalymos Sequence. The details surrounding this sequence and the identity of the Sleeper remain a mystery to those unfamiliar with the game’s ongoing plot. However, the visual and auditory elements in the preview suggest a blend of Ancient Egyptian crypts and Tron-inspired aesthetics.

A Hub Expansion and New Faction

According to Warframe’s creative director, Rebecca Ford, the Whisper In The Walls update introduces the game’s first true hub expansion. Building upon the existing Necralisk update, this expansion adds a basement to the hub area. Alongside this expansion, a new faction is set to debut, offering players the chance to engage with fresh content and challenges. While further information about this faction remains unknown to us, Tennocon attendees may have the opportunity to learn more.

In addition to the hub expansion, the Necramech faction – already present in the game – will receive expansions. Players can look forward to more content and opportunities for interaction with this faction. Furthermore, a new secondary weapon type, grimoires or books, will be introduced. Although apart from offering the ability to read the books, players will mainly utilize them to launch astral energy at their foes.

The Whisper In The Walls update is not the only exciting content coming to Warframe. Digital Extremes has planned a thrilling Halloween-themed quality of life update called Abyss Of Dagath, set to release in October. This update includes the introduction of a new Warframe, the Goth, based on a concept by veteran Warframe concept artist Keith Thompson. The Goth, codenamed “Ichabod,” draws inspiration from Washington Irving’s story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” As players explore the Deimos open world hub, they will uncover the dark past of the Goth through Grandma’s Naberus tale. Additionally, the Goth Warframe will have its own horror-themed Dojo.

Enhanced Companions and Pets

Acknowledging player feedback, Digital Extremes aims to improve companions or pets in Warframe. The developers plan to revise the mechanics to ensure that companions no longer die in an irritating manner. Instead of permanent death, a cooldown system might be implemented. The goal is to streamline the pet system and make the interaction with pets more reliable and rewarding. All companions in the game will receive these improvements.

Responding to the demands of the player community, Digital Extremes will introduce cross-save functionality to Warframe this year. This feature allows players to transfer their progress across different platforms, providing flexibility and convenience. Additionally, the developers have announced plans to release an iOS version of Warframe in 2024, with pre-registration available during Tennocon.

To commemorate the game’s anniversary, Digital Extremes will release a special Heirloom pack. This pack includes unique skins designed by Warframe’s original art director, Michael Brennan. Alongside this, there will be various Fashionframe-oriented changes, such as a new cosmetic tier and attachment slot for halo-type headgear. Skins for Operators and Drifters will also be introduced, allowing players to further customize their characters. For more information, interested players can visit the official Warframe website.

Tennocon promises to be an event filled with exciting announcements and updates for Warframe. While the Whisper In The Walls update provides a glimpse into the game’s future, Digital Extremes has planned additional content to keep players engaged throughout the year. From new areas and factions to improved companions and cross-save functionality, Warframe continues to evolve, offering a thrilling and ever-expanding experience for its dedicated player base.


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