The Lost Crown: A Metroidvania Gem Getting a Boost

Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown has recently captured the hearts of Metroidvania fans with its polished gameplay and captivating story. The good news is that Ubisoft Montpellier has announced plans for free updates to expand the game with additional content and modes. This news has sparked excitement among the players eagerly awaiting new challenges and experiences in this already beloved game.

Game director Mounir Radi expressed his gratitude to the players for their support and enthusiasm for the game. In a video shared on social media, Radi revealed that the development team is hard at work on new updates to enhance the player experience. He assured fans that the best is yet to come, hinting at exciting plans in the pipeline for the upcoming months. These plans include not only new content but also additional modes that will provide players with fresh challenges and endless ways to enjoy the game.

The first free update is on its way, promising exciting additions to The Lost Crown. While details about the new content remain a mystery, players can expect more opportunities to test their skills and explore the game’s intricacies. Radi also encouraged players to hone their abilities by training with Artaban, a character within the game who offers combat tutorials and challenges. For those seeking an even greater challenge, there is the option to tackle the game in Immortal mode, the most difficult level in The Lost Crown.

As an avid player who completed The Lost Crown, I must admit that the prospect of even more challenging content is both thrilling and daunting. The game’s bosses already presented formidable obstacles that required strategy and perseverance to overcome. With the promise of harder challenges and collectibles looming on the horizon, I find myself torn between wanting to test my skills further and apprehension about the steep climb ahead.

The future looks bright for The Lost Crown with Ubisoft’s commitment to providing fresh updates and modes for players to enjoy. While the added difficulty may pose a challenge for some, it also offers a chance for seasoned players to push their limits and experience the game in a new light. As we eagerly await the arrival of the first free update, anticipation builds for the adventures that lie ahead in this enchanting Metroidvania masterpiece.


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