The Long-Awaited Full Release of 7 Days To Die

A decade ago, the gaming world was flooded with early access survival games that revolved around the basic concept of chopping trees and crafting campfires. Games like Rust, DayZ, and The Forest dominated the scene, each offering a unique take on surviving in harsh environments. While many of these games have since evolved into full releases, one particular title has remained in early access limbo – 7 Days To Die.

After years of anticipation, fans of 7 Days To Die finally have something to look forward to. The co-founder of studio The Fun Pimps, Richard Huenink, recently announced in a Twitch chat with fans that a release date for the stable version of the game is tentatively set for Thursday, July 25th. This news has sparked excitement among the community as they eagerly await the game’s full release.

Gameplay Improvements

Having witnessed the evolution of 7 Days To Die from its early days, one can’t help but appreciate the significant improvements in gameplay and graphics. A quick comparison between the screenshots of the game in its early stages and the latest trailer showcases the impressive progress made by the developers. The core premise of the game, which is to build during the day and defend against hordes of zombies at night, still remains a captivating and engaging experience for players.

Return to Game Pass and Price Increase

During the Twitch stream, the developers hinted that 7 Days To Die may eventually make a return to Game Pass, but this remains unconfirmed. For players interested in purchasing the game, the developers suggest doing so sooner rather than later, as the price is set to increase from £19/$25/€23 to $45 (probably £40/€45) upon the full release. This is a common trend for games transitioning out of early access, as developers often raise the price to reflect the added content and improvements.

As the release date for the stable version of 7 Days To Die draws closer, fans are filled with anticipation and excitement. The game’s journey from early access to a full release showcases the dedication and hard work of the developers in enhancing the overall gameplay experience. With new features and improvements on the horizon, players can expect an even more immersive and engaging survival experience in the world of 7 Days To Die.


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