The Limitations of Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features on the S24 Series

Samsung recently unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, at an event in California. During the presentation, the company showcased its new artificial intelligence (AI) features powered by Galaxy AI technology. However, it is important to note that these AI features will only be available on supported Samsung Galaxy devices for a limited period of two years.

Samsung is also planning to bring the Galaxy AI features to select older devices, expanding its reach to a wider user base. On the official device pages for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24, and Galaxy S24+, the company highlights the new AI capabilities found in these models. However, a footnote at the bottom of the page clarifies that these AI features will only be available for free until the end of 2025 for supported Samsung Galaxy devices. The statement also suggests that different terms may apply for AI features provided by third-party services.

While Samsung’s announcement ensures that customers who purchase a Samsung Galaxy S24 series phone will have access to these AI features at no additional cost until the end of 2025, the company has not provided details regarding any potential charges after the initial two-year period. This lack of clarity raises questions about whether customers will need to pay extra to continue using these features. Similar to Apple’s approach with the iPhone 14 series, which offers certain features for free until November 2025, Samsung may opt to charge for specific services to ensure long-term sustainability.

However, the statement issued by Samsung leaves room for interpretation regarding which features will require a subscription or payment. It is unclear whether all of the company’s AI-powered applications, such as Phone, Messages, Gallery, and Notes, will be part of a subscription model, or if only third-party AI-powered features like Circle to Search, developed in collaboration with Google, will involve additional charges. It is essential for Samsung to provide further details in the future to address these concerns and offer transparency to its customers.

While the introduction of AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is undoubtedly exciting, the limitations imposed by the two-year availability period raise questions about long-term accessibility. While customers can enjoy these features without any extra cost until the end of 2025, it remains uncertain whether additional fees will be imposed in the future. Samsung must clarify the pricing model for its AI-powered features, providing users with a clear understanding of the costs involved. Transparency will be crucial in ensuring that customers can make informed decisions and fully utilize the AI capabilities of their Samsung Galaxy devices.


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